The info keyword is used in 'On Validate', 'On Success' and 'On Update' actions to display debug messages to assist an app owner in debugging the application. The info message can be viewed only by the owner of the application by clicking on the link View log details, which appears after the data is persisted in the database. So, if your form is being filled by non-owners, they will not be able to view this message.


  • The debug messages are displayed temporarily and are not saved anywhere for future reference.


info <message>;


Example 1

In the following example, the info message is displayed after the sendmail function is invoked.

on validate
From : zoho.adminuserid
To : ""
Subject : "Report for Product Status: " + input.Product_Status_is
Message : "Product: " + productno
info "Report has been sent.";

Example 2

In the following example, the info message is displayed only if the form data does not get cancelled.

on validate
if (count(sign_up[(Username == input.Username && Password == input.Password)]) == 0)
alert "the username/password does not exist";
cancel submit;
info input.Username + " " + input.Password;