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Create an Event in SkyDesk Calendar

 Create an Event in SkyDesk Calendar

You can use SkyDesk Creator Form to collect information and populate it in SkyDesk Calendar as a new event using createEvent() Deluge task.


<return value> = zoho.calendar.createEvent(<calName>,<Event Details key:value>);

<return value> is the map object containing response returned by SkyDesk Calendar.
<calName> is the name of the calendar in SkyDesk Calendar, where the event should be added.
<Event Details> is the map variable that holds the key,value pairs. The map key is the column name of the table and the map value is the field value as submitted in the ZC form.


Sample script to create a new event in SkyDesk Calendar. You can add the script to On Add -> On Success block of the form.

mp = { "StartDate" : Date_Time_1, "EndDate" : Date_Time_2, "sum" : "localcalapitest", "loc" : "India", "desc" : "TEST" };
calResp = zoho.calendar.createEvent("TEST",mp);

StartDate & EndDate holds the start and end of the event (date format "dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm:ss").
sum refers to the name of the event to be created
loc refers to the event location
desc refers to the description of the event
calResp is the map variable which holds the value returned by SkyDesk Calendar.


  • Use date-time field type for strat date and enddate.

Sample script to create a new event in SkyDesk Calendar, where the values of start date, end date, sum. loc, desc are provided. Please note that the date-time values must be in the format as given below.

calResp = zoho.calendar.createEvent("TEST", {"StartDate" : "19-06-2012 17:20:00", "EndDate" : "20-06-2012 18:00:00", "sum" : "localcalapitest", "loc" : "India", "desc" : "TEST"});

 Response Format