Math & Trigonometry Functions

Operator Returns
abs(number) Returns the absolute value of a number
cos(angle) Returns the trigonometric cosine of the given angle ( in radians )
sin(angle) Returns the trigonometric sine of the given angle ( in radians )
tan(angle) Returns the trigonometric tangent of the given angle ( in radians)
log(number) Returns the logarithmic value (LogeN) of the specified number.
min(num1,num2) Returns the minimum value in a set of two numeric values.
max(num1,num2) Returns the maximum value in a set of two numeric values. 
exp(number) Returns e raised to the power of a given number
power(num1,num2) Returns the result of a number raised to a power.
round(number) Returns the number after rounding off to the specified number of digits.
ceil(decimal) Returns the number rounded up to the nearest integer.
floor(decimal) Returns the number rounded down to the nearest integer.
sqrt(number) Returns a positive square root.