Create Personal Groups

Creating groups helps you to effectively share information with your colleagues in SkyDesk. There are two types of groups that can be created in SkyDesk: organization groups and personal groups. For details, please see the Getting Started section entitled "Create an Organization."

  1. Create a Personal Group

    Any user of SkyDesk can be a member of a personal group. The members can be from different organizations, and even those who do not yet have a SkyDesk account can be invited.

    Click [Personal Groups] in the [Groups] menu.
    The [Groups] tab in the personal settings page will be displayed. Click [Create New Group].

    Enter the group name, description, members' email address, and a short message. Separate the email addresses with commas when inviting multiple users.

    Click the [Create] button to create the personal group.

    The invited user will receive an invitation message. To become a member of the group, please click the "To join,..." link and accept the invitation.

    When a user accepts an invitation to a personal group, the user will be able to open the personal group page from the [Groups] menu. For personal groups, the person who created the group becomes the only owner of the group. Administrators cannot be added.

    By creating a personal group, you will be able to use the group sharing function when sharing data to the members both in and outside your company from Docs, Tasks, and more. Although the functions are limited compared to the organization groups, personal groups are very useful for managing a project.

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