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Operating Instructions Slide Show

The slide show introduces how to use each SkyDesk application and shows actual operations.

Slide Show title application outline
SkyDesk Service
- Getting Started & Tips (Basic concepts version)
All Show SkyDesk concepts how we can support your business efficiently and how to create your Organization.
SkyDesk Service
- Getting Started & Tips (Marketing Automation version)
CRM Introduce how to exploit the SkyDesk CRM features with Customization as Marketing tools, such as Email Marketing, Web Integration and Data Analysis.
Managing Potentials on SkyDesk CRM CRM SkyDesk CRM, the application for sales, collectively manages cutomer relationships. This slidshow introduces how to manage potentials with SkyDesk CRM features.
SkyDesk Support (Introduction version) Support SkyDesk Support enable you to build rich knowledge base for future use and allows your support team to provide consistent solutions to customers. This slide show introduces basic ideas for using SkyDesk Support features.
SkyDesk Support (Technical version) Support Introduce how to set up for using SkyDesk Support features, such as Customer Portal, Knowledge Base, Social Media.
SkyDesk Docs (Information version) Docs SkyDesk Docs enable you to manage documents and share document with your team members. This slide show introduces the concept and outline of SkyDesk Docs.
SkyDesk Docs (Technical version) Docs Introduce how to set up for using SkyDesk Docs features, such as sharing, managing and uploading documents.
SkyDesk Cards (Information version) Cards SkyDesk Cards enable you to manage business cards. This slide show introduces you how to upload cards into SkyDesk via a scanner and a mobile device.

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