Safe Management through High-Security "Data Center"

Cloud service (applications running in huge external data center) is gaining more attention these days. This saves companies the trouble of having to possess an own information system; allowing them to reduce costs and promptly adapt to changing business environment.

Customers' data is securely managed in a SkyDesk-dedicated area in a high-security data center. In addition, to ensure data security, measures for physical security (such as 24 hours/365 days monitoring and biometric authentication) and network security (such as encryption and access control) are taken. For personnel and business processes, redundancy and continuous business management are provided.

"IP Filtering" for Better Safety

When you manage an Organization by using Mail Hosting of SkyDesk Mail, you can restrict the IP addresses that have access*. When this setting is enabled, users in an Organization can use services only from a specified IP address according to the allowed IP address settings. A personal user can restrict also access to SkyDesk account by IP filtering to enhance safety.
* IP Filtering may hinder access to SkyDesk from mobile devices.

IP Filtering