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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we introduce some frequently asked questions and answers. Select the links below if your questions on functions or services are among those listed here.

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About SkyDesk Services

Q: What is SkyDesk all about?
SkyDesk is a SaaS Cloud Service provided by Fuji Xerox.
You can use more than 10 office tools such as E-mail, Calendar, Writer and Docs just by getting an account for free. Creating a group with other SkyDesk users makes it easier to exchange information, allowing effective collaboration between members.
All data in SkyDesk is stored online. Therefore, you can access the information stored on SkyDesk from anywhere using your browser on PC or smartphone. For more details, click here "About SkyDesk".


Q: What services are available with fee-based applications and how much do they cost?
There are some fee-based applications such as SkyDesk CRM, SkyDesk Mail and SkyDesk Cards. Each one of applications has different pricing models. Click here to check the price and features of each service "Paid Plans".


Q: I created a SkyDesk account. But, I do not know what to do next.
For first time users of SkyDesk, we recommend reading some contents for beginners and watching videos showing how to use SkyDesk efficiently. You can see them on the right side of your page after login. For corporate users who are considering to implement SkyDesk, contact us from Inquiry for paid plans purchase if you are considering to implement SkyDesk.


Q: I tried using SkyDesk. But, it does not seem to be working well.
Check "Recommended Operating Environment" in "Before Use" whether your system environment is suitable for using SkyDesk. The applications may not work well under the operating environment not on the above lists.


Q: Which language does SkyDesk supports?
You can use SkyDesk in Japanese or English.


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