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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we introduce some frequently asked questions and answers. Select the links below if your questions on functions or services are among those listed here.

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Security and Personal Information Protection

Q: What security measures are taken?
SkyDesk transmits/receives secure data by SSL communication.
SkyDesk also checks registered files and E-mails for viruses before storing them in the server.
Moreover, the server that operates SkyDesk services provides access control by fingerprint authentication and 24-hour monitoring to take all possible security measures.


Q: How does SkyDesk manage personal information?
SkyDesk manages personal information according to the Privacy Policy as prescribed by Fuji Xerox. For more details, see "Privacy Policy".


Q: How do I request disclosure of personal information?
SkyDesk service users can check personal information that SkyDesk services keep on the user information screens by themselves.
Sign in with your account and check the following two pages.
  • [My Account] > [Personal Information] (personal information registered in SkyDesk)
  • [CRM] > [Personal Settings] > [Account Information] (personal information of CRM user)

To request disclosure of personal information of a customer who does not use SkyDesk services nor have an account, check "Privacy Policy" and follow the described procedure.


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