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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we introduce some frequently asked questions and answers. Select the links below if your questions on functions or services are among those listed here.

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Organizations and Groups

Q: How many people can be registered in an "Organization" under the free plan?
The maximum number of users who can register in one organization under the free plan is five. However, there is a possibility that you could register more than five users accidentally by an unusual operational procedure. In spite of being able to register, over five registered users would be blocked using SkyDesk Mail after several hours.
To continue to use the Free Plan for five or less users, please contact us though "Contact Us".
To modify your plan to a Paid Plan, check the details in "Paid Plan" and submit your request.


Q: Can only actual companies or groups create an Organization?
Not only actual companies and groups but also any user can create an Organization in SkyDesk. The meaning of "Organization" in SkyDesk is a scope of users who have been invited and accepted to join that Organization. Actually "Organization" would be managed by organizer (administrator) whom any user could be. Note that one user account can belong to only one Organization.
If you already belong to an Organization that your company has created, create another Organization with a new user account or consider creating a Personal Group rather than an Organization.


Q: What is the advantage of creating an Organization?
Creating an Organization has the following three major advantages. It is suitable for establishing and executing policies in companies and Groups.
  • An administrator can manage access rights, security and Groups in an Organization.
  • Contacts of users who have participated in an Organization are automatically added.
  • Members in an Organization can communicate with one another in Updates on the Home screen.


Q: What is the difference between an Organization, an Organization Group, and a Personal Group?
In the SkyDesk free plan, an administrator who has created an Organization can invite another two people and create an Organization of that five people. Once an administrator creates an Organization and invites the other two members, the Organization includes the five people as its group members automatically. This Group function allows you to share files, assign tasks and more with the other members. An Organization Group consists of Organization members.
Even users who do not have a SkyDesk account can be invited to a Personal Group and any number of people can register in the Group. To check features and restrictions of each group, see here. Video in Learn More on the Home page introduces how to utilize Groups.


Q: How do I use CRM with my Organization members on SkyDesk?
Select a representative to use CRM. The representative creates a company (Organization) in CRM and adds members of the Organization of SkyDesk from [Users] in CRM settings. Then, members will receive an invitation E-mail to CRM that they must acknowledge.
* SkyDesk users can participate in only one CRM. Note that you cannot participate in an invited CRM if you create the CRM by yourself.


Q: How do I check whether I am belonging to an Organization of SkyDesk?
If you see a field of [Create Organization] in [Settings] on the application bar, you are not belonging to any Organizations. On the other hand, if there is no a field of [Create Organization] in [Settings] on the application bar, that means you are belonging to any organization.


Q: How do I check who super administrator is?
Open [Organization] in [Settings] on the application bar. Your super administrator name is displayed in the [Dashboard] tab. If you cannot find [Organization], click [Settings] > [Cards] > [Current Usage] to see administrator information.


Q: Can I change the super administrator of an Organization?
Yes. You can change the profile of a "Super Administrator" by the following procedure.
*Only current super administrator has permission to do this change.
*You can select a super administrator only among administrator users.

  1. 1. Click [Collaboration] > [Organization] in [Settings] at the top right of the Home screen.
  2. 2. Click [User Details] in [Organizational Settings] on the left of the screen.
  3. 3. Check the check box to the left of the user name whom you would like to assign as the new super administrator.
  4. 4. Click [Role] to the top of [User Details], and click [Admin] in the drop down list.
  5. 5. The "Role Changed Successfully." message appears.
  6. 6. Click [Dashboard] in [Organizational Settings] on the left of the screen.
  7. 7. Click [Edit] to the right of [Dashboard].
  8. 8. Click the inverted triangle on the "Super Administrator" field in the opened window, and select the user name whom you would like to assign as the new "Super Administrator" from the displayed drown down list.
  9. 9. Click [Save].
  10. 10. Finally, check that "Super Administrator" in "Dashboard" has been changed to the new super administrator.


Q: Is there any way to leave an Organization that I am belonging?
You can leave from the Organization by deleting your account. Please be aware that the whole data will also be deleted.Please refer below URL for more information of deleting account.

Q:How can I deactivate my account?


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