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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we introduce some frequently asked questions and answers. Select the links below if your questions on functions or services are among those listed here.

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Q: The CSV file exported by non-SkyDesk application cannot be imported to SkyDesk.
The exported CSV file could be encoded in "Shift-JIS". Change the character code to "UTF-8" when saving the CSV file then import again.


Q: CSV file exported from SkyDesk appeared as character corruption when opened in Microsoft Excel.
The CSV file exported from SkyDesk is encoded in "UTF-8". Microsoft Excel reads text files in "Shift-JIS" character code. Hence when the "UTF-8" file is opened in Excel, it will display incorrectly without a change of character code. Use an editor that supports UTF-8 such as Notepad in Accessories of Windows.


Q: How do I edit an exported CSV file exported from SkyDesk?
Import the CSV file to SkyDesk Sheet, then edit and save it. The file saved in SkyDesk Sheet can be saved to the computer in CSV file format by selecting [File] from SkyDesk Sheet menu > Export > Comma-Separated Values. When importing data to SkyDesk application, you can follow the above procedure to edit and save CSV file to import data smoothly.


Q: The "Invalid presentation file. Select a valid presentation file" message appears when I try to import a MS PowerPoint file.
The file format supported by SkyDesk Show import function is MS PowerPoint (.ppt, .pps) and OpenOffice (.odp, .sxi) files. The above message appears if you select files other than these.


Q: The CSV file import function does not import some fields correctly.
If the imported file contains to be imported contains byte order mark (BOM), the text may not be properly recognized and some fields will not be imported correctly. In this case, save the file to import without BOM and try importing again.


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