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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we introduce some frequently asked questions and answers. Select the links below if your questions on functions or services are among those listed here.

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Q: How do I share documents with other users?
You can set document browsing and editing rights to other users, an Organization Group, or a Personal Group to manage documents. To check an example of the sharing method, see "Sharing documents" in Help Page. In addition, shared documents can only be deleted by the person who shared it.


Q: I cannot find a file shared in Groups.
Files displayed on the [Shared Documents] list on the Organization Group or Personal Group Home screen are only Writer, Sheet and Show files. Files in other formats will not appear even if they are shared in Groups through SkyDesk Docs.
If there are no Writer/Sheet/Show shared files, "No document is found" will be displayed.


Q: Can I upload files to the workspace that I am invited to?
If both the user who sent the invitation and the user who was invited are using Docs Paid Plans, both of them can upload files to the shared workspace. See "About Paid Plans".


Q: Can I create folders in workspace?
You can create folders in workspace. Document (file) management becomes more effective by creating folders. However you cannot set the users to share with for individual folder.


Q: An error appears when I try to share files on Docs to a group.
On the [Share Settings] page, enter part of the name of the group for sharing, and press the right or down arrow key. A list of existing groups will appear. Select the group from this list, and click the [Share] button to enable sharing. The error appears if the [Share] button is clicked after the manually entering the group instead of selecting from the list.
When specifying sharing targets, be sure to select the group from the list and then click the [Share] button.


Q: How do I check the free space for SkyDesk Docs storage?
Click [Setup] > [Docs] at the SkyDesk Docs screen. The [Docs Storage Details] page pops up to show the current free space and usage.


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