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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we introduce some frequently asked questions and answers. Select the links below if your questions on functions or services are among those listed here.

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Account Registration

Q: How do I get started?
You can start by simply clicking on the button “Sign Up” on our website and filling in some basic information to set up an account. We ask for your e-mail address and a password for using the services. You will receive an e-mail asking to verify your account. Then you can start using the SkyDesk services.


Q: An error has occurred in account registration. What should I do?
An error message in red would be issued on the account registration field when you type something wrong information in. Make sure that if you fill correct information into the field. If an error message would be issued even after fixed information, contact Customer Support through the link here "Contact Us".


Q: Can I collectively register accounts for others?
Every user should register an account by each person. If you would like to introduce SkyDesk to others, send an invitation E-mail or invite others to your Organization or Group and ask them to register account by themselves. You can send an invitation E-mail by clicking on the icon (or your profile photo if you had uploaded) at the top right corner of the screen and click [Invite] in the window.


Q: I cannot sign in anymore. What can I do?
If you are unable to sign in, check the following possible reasons.
  • Check your user name and password for any mistakes. Is CapsLock enabled on your keyboard?
  • If you have forgotten your password, reset a password from "Forgot Password?" in the Sign In form on SkyDesk website.
  • In case of using a smartphone, sign-in may be failed if you do not complete the account authentication on a computer first. When you use SkyDesk on your smartphone, sign-in may fail unless account authentication is completed on a computer.


Q: I have forgotten my User Name (account name).
If you have forgotten your User Name, enter your E-mail address used for SkyDesk registration in the "User Name" field and use your password that you usually use to sign in.You can also check your User Name (account name) from the E-mail address provided by SkyDesk Mail.
(Example: If an E-mail address is, the user name of SkyDesk is "username".)


Q: Can one user register multiple accounts?
One E-mail address can only be used to create one account. If you would like to create multiple accounts, you need to prepare E-mail addresses as much as the number of accounts you want.


Q: I registered an account. But, I have not received any E-mail asking to verify my account from SkyDesk
Check whether the E-mail from SkyDesk is in your junk mail folder. If so, configure your E-mail settings so as not to direct E-mails from SkyDesk to the junk mail folder.


Q: Is a Group invitation e-mail available after its approval period has expired?
If the approval period has expired, ask the Group administrator to send another invitation E-mail.


Q: I have registered an account. However, I made a mistake in my E-mail address. How should I correct it?
You can correct your E-mail address from "Change E-mail address" on the screen. If an unauthenticated user tries to use a registered account to log in to SkyDesk, an account authentication screen appears. You can correct your E-mail address from "Change E-mail address" on the screen.
* SkyDesk services are not available unless account authentication is completed.


Q: Can I change my account name?
An account name that you have registered once is not changeable. If you close a corresponding account, you can use the same E-mail address and register another account with another account name. You cannot register an account name that has already been deleted.
* Note that once you close your account, data that you have created with the account will be deleted from SkyDesk.


Q: Can I change my registered "Primary E-mail Address" to my E-mail address of SkyDesk Mail?
Do not change your registered Primary E-mail Address to the E-mail address that has the domain provided by Fuji Xerox. If you change it, operations on SkyDesk cannot be ensured.


Q: The confirmation E-mail that came after account registration is blank.
This could be due to the security policy of your E-mail system. You may not be able to successfully receive that E-mail as the sender is SkyDesk and it contains URL. Contact the system administrator who is managing your E-mail system.


Q: I tried to invite users to SkyDesk by entering their E-mail address and clicked "Invite". However there was no response and an error message appeared.
You cannot send an invitation E-mail to the same E-mail Address twice or more from the same account. If you try to invite user who already have an account or who have received the invitation E-mail before, the error message will appear.
You can create a new account from "Create New Account". You can send this URL to the person that you want to invite.


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