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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we introduce some frequently asked questions and answers. Select the links below if your questions on functions or services are among those listed here.

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Account Closure

Q: How can I deactivate my account?
Sign in SkyDesk from PC and click on the icon (or your profile photo if you had uploaded) at the top right corner of the screen and click [My Account] in the window and delete your SkyDesk account from [Close Account]. Execute [Close Account] from your PC. Note that once you deactivate your account, data that you have created with that account will be deleted from SkyDesk and you will not be able to sign in with that account.


Q: I want to stop using SkyDesk. How can I stop using/withdraw from Free Plan?
There are no special steps to stop using SkyDesk Free Plan. All your data in SkyDesk will be deleted once you close your user account.


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