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SkyDesk can be implemented easily with the following steps.

1. Account Creation - Form Entry

Sign Up
Create a SkyDesk account.
Enter the required fields on the Create New Account - Entry Form to create an account.

2. E-mail Authentication

E-mail Authentication
A confirmation E-mail will be sent to your E-maill address registered during account creation.
Please use the URL in the E-mail to access the E-mail authentication page, and complete the E-mail address authentication process.

Account creation is complete once you perform E-mail authentication.

3. Create Organization

Select [Settings] > [Organization]
The Super Administrator creates the SkyDesk "Organization" from [Setup] in the top area of the screen.
* A user may join only 1 "Organization".

"Organization" refers to the unit of use in SkyDesk for companies, associations, and other such organizations.
You can set 1 Super Administrator to configure usage permissions and such for users belonging to an "Organization".

The Super Administrator of the "Organization" can sign up for trials of expanded functions.

4. Create Groups

"Org Groups" and "Personal Groups"
Create groups by department, project, or other such units.
Org Groups
Groups that users in the same SkyDesk "Organization" can join.
Can be created from "Org Groups".
Personal Groups
Groups that can be joined by members not from the same "Organization", such as contacts from external industries.
Can be created from "Personal Groups".

5. Start Use

You can use various applications.
* To use [Updates], the Organization or Personal Group must be created.

  • Collaboration Category

6. Start using CRM

Please use CRM in accordance to the CRM implementation methods after getting to "5. Start Use".

7. Using SkyDesk

If you would like to increase the number of users or useable features, you can sign up for paid plans.

PurchaseSkyDesk Account Required

Purchase a Plan

Sales InquiryInquiry for paid plans purchase

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