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Improving Sales Activity Efficiency

Here we introduce a case study of improving sales activity efficiency using SkyDesk.

Problems faced before SkyDesk Introduction

SkyDesk Corporation had a lot of handovers between sales representatives transferring to the Tokyo branch office and those staying at headquarters due to business expansion to Tokyo.
There was an enormous amount of information on both old and new customers and deals that each sales representative had managed individually. The representatives had to manage to do the following in a short time before the business expansion to Tokyo for the handover.

Customer information
Basically predecessors kept business cards and successors only received copies of those cards that would be necessary.
Information on deals
Rough circumstances were verbally handed over to the successor and other details read from meeting minutes or other documents. Details such as E-mail exchange were not handed over.
The successor received paper documents and data on submitted documents. However, there were many similar documents and it was difficult to tell which of them was the final version.

Handover through various media and verbal communication only

The successor tried hard to understand the situation. However, the predecessor was too busy with courtesy visits to help the successor and then he got transferred to Tokyo.
In the end, the successor started work without sufficient information and had various problems.

  • The successor had to start all over as he was not informed of matters that the predecessor had verbally discussed with a customer.
  • The successor did not know about the past background and offered a continuing contract with a first-time special discount, resulting in a loss.
  • The successor missed an inquiry from a previously acquainted customer.

Solution with SkyDesk

SkyDesk Corporation introduced SkyDesk to solve these problems. Unifying business procedures on a company-wide level and consolidating/sharing information using a customer relationship management system improved efficiency of sales activities and enabled a proper handover.

Consolidating information for handovers in SkyDesk

The following are benefits of introducing SkyDesk to SkyDesk Corporation:

  1. Realization of an efficient customer relationship management
    All information on business cards are now registered in SkyDesk Cards (Business Card Management). The automatic OCR process converts images of business cards into data and that improves the efficiency of customer data creation. Sales representatives can browse card entries from iPhone and make a call and send an E-mail by tapping on the data. Therefore, SkyDesk eliminated the need for carrying business cards and copying information to a notebook. Now they import information on a customer whose business negotiation is about to be concluded to SkyDesk CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to share with the sales department.
  2. Consolidated management of customer-related information
    All documents are now managed on SkyDesk Docs (Online Document Sharing Management). Paper documents can also be scanned and managed as well. Linking a document submitted to a customer to SkyDesk CRM has enabled consolidation of relevant documents actually used in CRM. E-mails, business notes, tasks, calendars, and others are also can be managed in CRM. Therefore, even other workers can see background information that cannot be inferred from documents.
  3. Realization of smooth and steady handovers
    Creating a mechanism for easy information collection and consolidated management has enabled smooth handover. Now the successor can understand the situation after the person in charge is updated on the system and additional information is provided verbally. As a result, the successor was able to properly respond to a request from a customer. In addition, the successor can find information on customers with a history of previous association. Therefore, the successor does not miss their inquiries and can work on new business.

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