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Information Sharing Scenarios

Here we introduce the application of SkyDesk Organization, Organization Group, Personal Group, CRM Organization and CRM Group.

  1. Using "Organization"
    You create a super administrator in the "Organization", who will create access rights and application usage profiles for users joining the Organization, and set password policies.
    All employees in company A uses SkyDesk. The system administrator under the Administration Department is appointed as the super administrator and ensures the security of SkyDesk.
  2. Using "Organization Group"
    "Organization Group" exists as a information sharing unit within the Organization. In company A, Organization Group is created for each department to share information.
    Business card entries stored in SkyDesk Cards can be shared within the Organization Group. Sales department extracts customer business cards from SkyDesk Cards and share it within that department.
  3. Using "Personal Group"
    For partners working on a project and do not belong to the "Organization", information can be shared through "Personal Group".
    The 3rd Sales department of company A created a "Personal Group" for members from partner company B and C who are participating in the project. Through this, information and data can be shared.
  4. Using "CRM Organization"

    SkyDesk CRM creates "CRM Organization" which is different from "Organization". Customer information can be managed and shared by having users wanting to use CRM to join "CRM Organization".
    1 user can join 1 CRM Organization.
    In company A, the manager who wants to know the latest sales and profit status, the sales department who wants to manage customer information and the accounts department who issues invoice and manages accounting information joins the same "CRM Organization".

    • * The department or members who wants to use SkyDesk CRM should check if an existing "CRM Organization" has already been created before creating a "CRM Organization".
  5. Using "CRM Group"
    Each "Group (CRM Group)" is created in "CRM Organization" according to the scope of information sharing.
    In company A, each sales department created a "CRM Group". As each sales department has also created "Organization Group", when a customer in the shared card entries becomes a potential customer, the card entry is exported to CRM for customer relationship management.

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