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Mobile Application

Here we introduce a case study of mobile application using SkyDesk.

Problems faced before SkyDesk Introduction

SkyDesk Corporation supplied smartphones to sales representatives to allow them to browse E-mails and documents even from outside the office and reduce the risk of carrying a laptop. The degree of use of the smartphone varies acording to each representative and not all can make full use of it (some can effectively use apps, but some use a mobile phone with it). In addition, many representatives keep carrying their notebook computers separately because it is difficult to edit documents well on the smartphone. Therefore, security risk does not seem to improve at all.

The result is that they had not been making use of their smartphone effectively for business.

Ways to use smartphones differs

Solution with Mobile-compatible SkyDesk Functions

SkyDesk Corporation introduced SkyDesk that has various functions for smartphones to solve these problems. All sales representatives ensured that new customer information and schedules are entered into SkyDesk. They checked the information immediately and added new entries through their smartphones.
SkyDesk Corporation improved the business process by concentrating on work that is more PC-centric (such as creating documents) inside the company, which allowed representatives to focus on visiting customers and collecting information using smartphone when outside the office.
As a result, better customer service was led to not only increased work efficiency but also satisfied customers.

Defining smartphone usage in business process

The following are benefits of introducing SkyDesk to SkyDesk Corporation:

  1. Real-time information sharing
    Sharing information on business cards online, which sales representatives used to manage individually, has allowed easy handover. In addition, everyone can now post their schedule on SkyDesk Calendar (Schedule Management) to enable easy scheduling. Sales representatives can check sudden schedule changes from their smartphones from outside the office and have less trouble such as conflicting schedules and miscommunication.
  2. Realization of efficient sales activities
    Browsing customer information from smartphones promoted effective use of time on the road and waiting time. When a sales representative enters agreement items for a potential customer in SkyDesk CRM (Customer Relationship Management) while away from office, then an office worker in the office can create a quote for the agreement. In such ways, both a prompt response to customers and effective sales activities are achieved.
  3. Good security
    Other than some data used in applications, the data in SkyDesk is only stored on a server. Even if you lose your smartphone, the risk of information leakage can be reduced as long as you sign out because important E-mails* and schedules will not be saved on the mobile device.
    * If you use a POP/IMAP service and view E-mails on SkyDesk with your mobile device, the E-mail data will be saved on it.
  4. Information exchange by casual posting on "Updates"
    Anyone can post a status update on "Updates" even from outside the office. Sharing all information from useful information to somewhat casual topics among co-workers helps achieve smoother sales and create a good atmosphere.

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