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Internal Communication

Here we introduce a case study of promoting internal communication using SkyDesk.

Problems faced before SkyDesk Introduction

Due to business expansion, SkyDesk Corporation had difficulty in communicating with all employees. Both the manager and the employees were facing problems in sharing information in their respective positions.

Problems due to distances between offices
  • Sales representative A in headquarters:
    I heard that our branch office had succeeded in handling a similar case to that I am handling now. However, I cannot find the person in charge and the information.
  • Sales representative B in a branch office:
    I think it would be great if we can share feedback from our customers and cases that can be useful for other cases with not only branch offices but also headquarters. However, I do not have an opportunity to do so.
Problems due to physical distances
  • Sales support C:
    I often take charge of setting up a meeting. I am always having difficulties in checking the schedule of each participant and setting a date.
  • Sales representative D:
    When a scheduled meeting is suddenly canceled while I am at my customer's office, I cannot answer phones or receive any messages and it sometimes ends up wasting my time.
Problems due to distances between hierarchies
  • Manager E:
    My concern is that my vision that used to be shared with my employees is no longer shared with them. I actually want to know feedback received from our customers in the field and opinions for work that my employees have, but it can be difficult to do so.

Lack of a common communication platform

Solution with SkyDesk

SkyDesk Corporation introduced SkyDesk to solve these problems. The various Collaboration Tools of SkyDesk have allowed all offices to share information and promote communication. Moreover, real-time information sharing resolved inefficient activities.

Casual information sharing on SkyDesk

The following are benefits of introducing SkyDesk to SkyDesk Corporation:

  1. Casual information sharing even among unacquainted members
    Sales representative A used the "Status Update" feature which permits casual information transmission to ask about past cases and received an answer from the person in charge. SkyDesk Docs (Online Document Sharing Management) enabled smooth sharing of a document located in a distant office as reference to handle potential customers.
    Sales representative B manages small tips in SkyDesk Notes (Online Notes) and useful websites in SkyDesk Link (Online Bookmarks) to share such information with anyone anytime.
  2. Real-time sharing of schedules and changes
    Now Sales support C can easily check schedules of participants using SkyDesk Calendar (Schedule Management), eliminating the need for contacting them individually for scheduling. By sending a notification E-mail when adding a schedule to Calendar, real-time notification is now possible.
    Sales representative D is able to check E-mails and schedules from outside the office by accessing SkyDesk from iPhone. Inefficiency due to miscommunication were eliminated and sales effort outside of the office improved.
  3. Casual transmission function promotes communication
    The "Status Update" function allows active information exchange such as an unexpected reaction from an unexpected person. Manager E can see such communication to gather opinions in the field.
    Moreover, casual information transmission allows Manager E to sometimes use "announcement" to convey his enthusiasm.

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