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Infrastructure Management

Here we introduce a case study of infrastructure management using SkyDesk.

Problems faced before SkyDesk Introduction

SkyDesk Corporation has its headquarters in Osaka and its branch offices in Nagoya and Kobe. The Corporation is planning to rent an office in Tokyo and launch satellite sales soon. On this occasion, the IT department received the following requests.

  • Data in the headquarters should also be accessible from the Tokyo branch office
  • Information on customers in Nagoya and Kobe should be consolidated
  • Online meetings with other offices

However, there are too many cost and security issue for headquarters' IT department to handle these requests as they need to take charge of every IT infrastructure management.

  • Each office has set up servers with on-site maintenance on a regular basis for now. However, it is not realistic to go all the way to Tokyo each time to do periodic on-site maintenance.
  • The cost and effort of version and license management of software in use has reached the limit.
  • Information sharing via the Internet may not be safe. Sending customer information to a wrong E-mail address by mistake may cause a great credibility problem to the company.

Headquarters taking charge of every IT infrastructure management

Solution with SkyDesk Cloud Technology

SkyDesk Corporation introduced SkyDesk to solve these problems. Centrally managed data on SkyDesk has allowed the IT department to fulfil all requests within the company and reduce management work significantly.

Centrally managed data on SkyDesk

The following are benefits of introducing SkyDesk to SkyDesk Corporation:

  1. Significant reduction of management cost and work for the IT department
    SkyDesk Cloud Service eliminated the need for server maintenance at each office and cut business trips to Tokyo as well as Nagoya and Kobe. The management function of SkyDesk allocates applications and reduces software management work.
  2. Easy construction of an information infrastructure beyond geographical distances
    SkyDesk Docs (Online Document Sharing Management) in SkyDesk permitted easy construction of the information sharing infrastructure without setting up a new data management system. Now each office can communicate with each other beyond geographical distances and advance the business together more than ever.
  3. Realization of prompt start-up of the Tokyo branch office
    Prompt construction of the infrastructure enabled smooth start-up of business in Tokyo.

As a result of this success, SkyDesk Corporation is planning to introduce SkyDesk CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in addition to SkyDesk Docs for visualization of accomplishments of each office.

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