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Customer Information Management

Here we introduce a case study of customer information management using SkyDesk.

Problems faced before SkyDesk Introduction

SkyDesk Corporation participates in an event once a year to find potential customers. The person in charge of the event collects contact details by asking each sales representative to fill in customer information gathered to date on a prescribed form and submit it.

Problems of the current method in which each sales representative fills in the form
  • It is tedious to input information because each sales representative must fill in the form.
  • The amount of information on each customer varies (for example, some sales representatives fill in only some information in business cards).
  • Past customer information is not available because predecessors may have taken business cards with them at retirement or transfer.
  • If there is different information on business cards at different times, it is difficult to determine which is the latest.
  • Information such as customers' transfers and promotions, company relocations may not be updated.

In the end, the person in charge of that event ended up collecting all business card information of those customers and organized all lists. It was very tedious to check all of them to improve the accuracy.
Though the person in charge managed to send invitations to customers, some had an old title or a wrong address. This gives an impression of poor information management to the customer. Rather than helping to find potential customers through such event, such poor management may affect customer satisfaction and cause a loss of potential customers.

Collecting customer information at each event

Solution with SkyDesk Sales Function

SkyDesk Corporation introduced SkyDesk to solve these problems. As a result, the Corporation achieved efficient management and sharing of customer information for highly-accurate customer information management.

Managing/Sharing customer information on SkyDesk

The following are benefits of introducing SkyDesk to SkyDesk Corporation:

  1. Efficient data registration of business cards
    Each sales representative scans the business cards and registers them in SkyDesk Cards (Business Card Management). The automatic OCR process converts images of the business cards into data and allows sales representatives to share them with the Group. Moreover, the data can be browsed and edited from iPhone. Therefore, sales representatives can correct OCR results and add data in their spare time to register accurate card entries.
  2. Steady accumulation of customer data
    Card entries in SkyDesk Cards can be exported to SkyDesk CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Sales representatives correct data as soon as customer information changes since they are utilized for daily sales. This allows the company to keep customer data updated. Even if a predecessor does not leave behind business cards, customer data have been steadily accumulated.
  3. Improvement of customer satisfaction with reliable lists
    The person in charge was thereby able to create invitations reflecting updated contact details or job titles and avoid complaints from existing customers. In addition, every customer can receive the invitation which helps to find potential customers.

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