SkyDesk Motivator

Encourage your team motivated and increase Sales Performance.
SkyDesk Motivator is Sales Performance Management System integrated with SkyDesk CRM.

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SkyDesk Motivatior Dashboards can visualize your sales team's activities. You know exactly which activities your sales team should focus on.

In the Dashboards, "Pipeline velocity" shows you how quickly opportunities are moving through your pipeline on their way to becoming closed deals.
SkyDesk Motivator can increase the number of ongoing deals, the close ratio and the size of deals or shorten Sales Cycle Length.
It helps you to speed up your team's Pipeline velocity.

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Target (Goal and Achivement Level Management)

Set the targets based on your organizational, team's and individual goals per day/week/month.
With on-demand scoreboards of sales goal and achivement, recognize the activities which you need to pay attention at a glance.

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Sales Contests

Held contests for the activities you should put emphasis on, such as not only sales performance but also the numuber of leads.
In addtion to individual contests, create teams based on the type of their activities and held organizational contests in order to compete as a team.
This way makes everyone motivated and improve your sales performance.

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Motivator TV

Display leaderboards, contest standings, and trend status to the big screen and share the information with your coworkers in real time.
Set Motivator TV on the shared space at your office. Highlight top performers and motivate them to go further.

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