SkyDesk Overview

SkyDesk enables easy access to all your SkyDesk applications through the application bar. It allows you to quickly switch between the applications so as to use the right tool for the job at hand. Current SkyDesk release number is 3.31.

SkyDesk Applications

SkyDesk suite of applications are made available through the application bar. Featured applications appear on the top of the menu and other applications appear under the More menu. When you click on the application name, the application will be loaded below the application bar. SkyDesk will launch Home every time you login. Users are encouraged to use their browser's bookmark functionality to bookmark their frequently used SkyDesk applications and visit them directly.


SkyDesk allows you to add links to your frequently used external applications to the application bar. The external application will launch in a new tab/window. Organization administrators can use this feature to add applications such as their company website and the link will be available to all the members of the organization.

To add an external application open the More menu then the Bookmarks menu and finally click on Manage Bookmarks. This will pop up a dialog which will let you add, edit or delete your bookmarks. To delete a bookmarks click on the delete (x) icon. After you are done editing your bookmarks, click Ok to save the changes.


The Search box under the More menu provides quick access to any application, group or bookmark. As soon as you start typing, matching applications, groups and bookmarks will be filtered and shown in the More menu


SkyDesk allows you to customize and configure your profile, organization and applications. The Setup link will show configuration options available for the current application as well as Admin Settings (if you are an organization administrator).

My Account

SkyDesk My Account Settings allows you to customize your profile and manage all aspects of your SkyDesk account. Click on your profile picture to show My Accounts options. Here you can click on My Accounts to view and edit your account's profile. Click on the Profile tab to view and edit your SkyDesk profile. You can update your profile information including full name, photo, language, timezone in this screen. You can also change the primary email address that SkyDesk uses to send all email notifications in this screen. Other options provided in this screen include changing the password and security question. You can also manage your personal groups by clicking the Groups tabs (See also: Groups help)

Invite to SkyDesk

SkyDesk provides an invitation function for you to let others know about SkyDesk. Click on the Invite link inside the My Account menu and enter the email address of the person that you want to invite. They will receive an email with instructions to register for and start using SkyDesk.

System Requirements

Please refer to "Before Use"under "Recommended Operating Environments"to know current System Requirements.