Notes and Restrictions

Data modification and page reload

When a data is used in multiple applications, the modifications made to the data in an application may not always be immediately reflected in another application.
To show the latest data, reload the page with browser refresh.

Restriction on browser zoom and font setting features

Changing the browser zoom or font setting may prevent a web page from being correctly displayed or cause the page layout to be skewed. Please use the default zoom setting (100%) and font setting to avoid this problem.

Notes for Organizational Settings

The administrator of an organization can check your sign-in history (includgin IP address), reset member's password, change contact email address, delete user account, and conduct other administrative operations without prior notification to the users in his/her organization. Please make sure to fully understand the administrator privileges before joining an organization.

Declined invitation (personal groups)

When you invite a user to join your personal group, the invited user will be added to the pending invitation list in your settings page. If the user accepts the invitation, he/she will be moved to the member list. If the user declines the invitation, he/she will be deleted from this list and not be moved to the member list. No message will be sent or displayed to you to notify that the invitation has been declined.

User name length restrictions

A SkyDesk user name must be 50 characters or less. User names exceeding 50 characters may not be properly displayed in some applications. A 1-byte character as well as a 2-byte character is counted as one.

Name format in CRM

The name format in the contact and lead entries in SkyDesk CRM is set to [first name, last name] by default. To change the order of the name format, go to CRM Setup > General > Personal Settings > Name Format.

User name settings in CRM

The administrator of a CRM account can change the name of the members in the account. When the name of a member is changed, that change will also be reflected in the member's SkyDesk account details. Please note that the name of a user may already be changed in the invitation message. When the user confirms the invitation, the name of that user will be changed according to the name in the CRM account.

Compatibility between SkyDesk Writer/Sheet/Show and Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint

SkyDesk Writer, Sheet and Show can import and export Microsoft Office format(DOCX/XLSX/PPTX) and Microsoft Office 97-2003 format(DOC/XLS/PPT) files. However, we do not provide full compatibility with all the features of Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint.

Mail Service Restrictions

If a user uses SkyDesk Mail for the mass distribution of emails, we reserve the right to restrict or terminate the access to the service from the user's account.

Saving email as HTML

SkyDesk Mail cannot include inline images when saving an email message as a HTML file. The images need to be saved individually.

Feature restriction of the invitation to chat in SkyDesk Contacts

In SkyDesk Contacts, the invitation to chat cannot be sent to the contacts from Shared Contacts. The invitation can be sent from Personal Contacts.

Credit card registration

When many other customers are sending the credit card registration requests at the same time as you, the credit card registration screen may show a message reading "System error" on . If this message is shown, please wait for a moment and restart the registration process from the URL sent to you.

Mail Storage Settings

After purchasing the paid plan of SkyDesk Mail, Super Administrator or Administrator must manually set the new mailbox storage limit. Access the [Organization] settings from the [Settings] menu at the upper right of the application bar, open the [Mail Storage] screen, and set the purchased mailbox storage in [Basic Storage] of each user. Currently, the [Mail Extra Storage] setting cannot be adjusted automatically.

SkyDesk Mail Restriction

Up to 10 members in an organization can use SkyDesk Mail for free when using Email Hosting for a domain. You can increase the number of allowed users by purchasing the paid plan of SkyDesk Mail. Super Administrator and Administrator can assign the purchased license(s) to the member(s) in [Settings] -> [Organization] -> [User Access]. Please make sure to purchase licenses for the number of users including Super Administrator, because Super Administrator must always be included in the group of organization members using SkyDesk Mail.

SkyDesk CRM Restriction

Please be informed that once you purchase the extra storage option, you cannot reduce the storage size unless you cancel the paid service of SkyDesk CRM.

Notes for user delete from Organization

When (Super) Admin delete a user from the organization, all of the user's data in SkyDesk will be removed.

Restriction on mandatory custom fields in CRM Copy customization

Please note that mandatory custom fields will not be mandatory in copied account through Copy customization.

Notes for VBA Editor in Sheet

When you open VBA Editor in Internet Explorer, it will not be displayed correctly. Please use Firefox.

Notes for fonts in Sheet

Arial Black is not rendering correctly in Firefox in Windows7/Windows8. Please use Internet Explorer.

Note for Export As PDF option in Show

Input characters in Show files are not displayed properly in exported PDF files when selecting [Export As] > [PDF] option.

Note for Slideshow in Show

Slideshow is not working properly when playing Show files with transition setting of slides.

PhoneBridge Integration for On Premise on SkyDesk Support

Currently, the PhoneBridge Integration for On Premise on SkyDesk Support is not available.

Note for SkyDesk Creator for Android/iOS

SkyDesk Creator for Android/iOS does not support the functionalities such as SkyDesk CRM field, payment gateway and so on.
For other such feature limitations, please access the help page as mentioned below.
[SkyDesk Help Top] -> [Creator] -> [Application] -> [Access the Application] -> [Accessing SkyDesk Creator from your mobile]

Notes for inviting non SkyDesk users to an Organization

It is not available to invite non SkyDesk users in Docs Setup.
Please invite non SkyDesk users in Organizational Settings.

- For users who are not using Domains -
User Details > Add User > Type email id which you would like to invite in Email ID box, then click on [OK] Invitation email will be sent to the invited user > The invited user click on the link in a received invitation email Create a SkyDesk account in displayed Sign-up page

- For users who are using Domains -
User Details > Add User > Add User Based on other Email Ids > Type email id which you would like to invite in Email ID box, then click on [OK] Invitation email will be sent to the invited user > The invited user click on the link in a received invitation email Create a SkyDesk account in displayed Sign-up page

Call Duration of PhoneBridge for On Premise on SkyDesk Support

Currently, the call duration of "incoming calls" will be displayed incorrect time.

Creating SkyDesk Reports database by importing data from Google Drive

Currently this feature is not available temporarily. To create a reporting database, please import from files.

Creating SkyDesk Reports database by importing data from FTP server

Please note that the Active mode for FTP is not supported for this feature. Only the Passive mode is supported. Also you can specify only the following numbers for the control port: 21 (FTP/FTPS Explicit mode), 990 (FPTS Implicit mode), 22 (SFTP). Arbitrary port number cannot be specified.

Notes on Tax in Sales Order or Invoice converted from Quote

Tax which was configured in a quote will be changed to 0.00 after editing a product price in a sales order or an invoice which was converted from the quote. To apply tax again, edit Tax in sales orders or invoices.

Contact and Agent Notifications feature for public comments in SkyDesk Support

Whenever a public comment is added, edited and deleted for a Ticket, Contact user and Ticket Owner will not receive any notification.

Any apps in workspace are not displayed through Mobile Creator

Currently, you cannot access all the applications in your workspace through Mobile Creator. If you want to access an application in your workspace, please use Creator from PC browser.

Number of folders in Report Page is not correct in SkyDesk Docs

Currently the displayed number of folders in "Set Up > Reports > Usage Status > SUMMARY DETAILS > Folders" is not correct.
Please check numbers of folders for each user in "Set Up > Reports > Storage Status".

Mentioning other Users/Groups/Roles with multi-byte character names will not be listed in CRM Feeds

In CRM Feeds, Users/Groups/Roles with multi-byte character names in your status message will not be listed. Please use Users/Groups/Roles with English name for now.

Share files with Everyone in Organization is not working on SkyDesk Docs for iOS

The feature of sharing any files or folders to "Everyone in Organization" is not working on SkyDesk Docs for iOS. In order to use this feature, please use SkyDesk Docs on Web.

Files inside My Folders view are not displayed on SkyDesk Docs for iOS

Currently, users can view the files inside any manually created folders but can't view the files inside MyFolder which is of the highest hierarchy. In order to view the files inside the MyFolder, please access "All Files" view on SkyDesk Docs for iOS.

Note for using Microsoft Edge

Following are confirmed, please use Firefox or Google Chrome instead.
-Calendar: Issue in Print Preview.
-CRM: Folder Upload in Documents module is not available.
-Docs: Folder Upload is not available.
-Writer: Issue in Print Preview. Cursor malfunction when inputting 2 Byte characters in body.

Dropbox Integration cannot be used in SkyDesk Projects

Dropbox Integration cannot be used.

SkyDesk Calendar Integration with CRM

If Loading message stays at the time of clicking "sync" button on SkyDesk Calendar, please reload the browser after 10 minutes and click "sync" button again.

Restriction on editing Sheet files in Firefox

When using Firefox, Japanese characters cannot be input only by pointing a cursor on a cell of Sheet file.
Please make sure to double click on a cell and input Japanese characters.

Restriction on embedding YouTube in Writer files

The function for embedding YouTube in Writer file is not available in Internet Explorer.
Please use Google Chrome or Firefox to embed YouTube in Writer files.

How to view a storage space for each Docs user

When using Internet Explorer, you cannot view a storage space for each user in Settings of Docs.
Please use Google Chrome or Firefox to view a storage space for each user.

[CRM] Note for searchRecords API call limit

Wrong limit of searchRecords API may be displayed in Usage statistics of API.
Please contact our Customer Support in case you cannot call the API further though you do not exceed the displayed limit.

[CRM] Note for "Due in days" used in criteria

In case you specify criteria using "!=","<", or "<=" in Due in days condition, the results may not come out accurately.

[CRM] Voice Configuration in SkyDesk PhoneBridge integration

Only English is acceptable in text message fields.
To use other language voice messages, please use Audio file or Audio URL option.

[SkyDesk CRM for iOS/Android] Contact of a potential is not automatically associated with a newly created quote / event.

If you have a potential with a related contact, then while adding a new quate / event to the potential, the contact will not be associated with the new quote / event

[SkyDesk CRM for iOS/Android] Unique field will not be checked on mobile

In a module which has a unique field, a new record can be saved even if the unique field value is duplicated. However, it will not be added to Web. After resetting app, the duplicated data will be removed from mobile app.

Limitation of attaching files from SkyDesk Docs

SkyDesk CRM has a limitation that you cannot attach a file which exceeds 5MB from SkyDesk Docs.

[SkyDesk CRM for iOS/Android]Attaching Japanese file names (two-byte characters) while sending the mail is not supported

Currently, we don’t support attaching the files with Japanese names while sending the email from SkyDesk CRM for iOS. Please use Web CRM to send mail with Japanese file names as attachments.

[SkyDesk CRM for iOS/Android]Restriction on multiple layout feature

Currently, we don't support the Multiple layout feature on SkyDesk CRM for iOS/Android. In case you have created multiple layouts on Web, only the default layout will be supported on Native Mobile app.

[SkyDesk CRM for Android] While updating the native mobile application to version 3.2

When you first launch your application after updating it to version 3.2, please confirm if the app is connected with stable network. In case, if the network error happens at that time, there are possibity that app data might be corrupted and the added or edited records won't be synced with CRM server. When this problem happens, please reset the application from the setting page of mobile application.

[SkyDesk CRM for iOS/Android]Note for Reset App Data

The app data in the device which is not synced with SkyDesk CRM server will be deleted when you reset app. Please wait to reset app until the data is synced.

CRM custom function integration task call limits

If you face an error message of “the maximum number of Zoho API calls per day is reached” when a custom function is executed, please contact our customer support. We will check the upper limits and correct them if they are not configured properly.

Limitation on the Number of Synchronized Fields for Advanced CRM Analytics in SkyDesk CRM

The Advanced CRM Analytics feature in SkyDesk CRM supports up to 99 fields per module to synchronize from SkyDesk CRM to SkyDesk Reports.
Please configure to set them within this limitation using Setup > Apps & Add-ons > SkyDesk Apps > Advanced CRM Analytics page.

Limitation on total number of calls by CRM Custom Functions Get Data / Post Data

The number of calls by CRM custom functions Get Data and Post Data are limited using total number of them.
Please note that the number of calls by one of them will be less than 25,000 calls/day if the number of calls by the other exceeds 25,000 calls/day.

Notes and restrictions for the option to sign in using Google credentials

Currently, the option to sign in using Google credentials is not working with SkyDesk Mobile Application for iOS/Android.
If you still want to use Google credentials, please follow the below workaround:
1. Tap on "Password Forgot" link on SkyDesk sign-in page
2. Reset the password for the google email address.
3. Launch iOS app again and sign in with the new password.

Notes for adding a new user

When you open CRM from SkyDesk Home screen, an error will be displayed when adding a new user with Internet Explorer or Safari. Please open to add a new user.

Notes for creating a Scheduled Report

When creating a Scheduled Report from Reports > Scheduled Reports > New Report Scheduler > Schedule, screen transition will not completed with Internet Explorer. Furthermore, by clicking Schedule button multiple times, multiple identical reports will be created. Please use Firefox or Google Chrome to create a Scheduled Report.

Notes and restrictions for the files attached from CRM Document Modules

The files attached to any records from Document module will not be included in the backup data retrieved. Additionaly, please note that the data cannot be retrieved even if using the "getRelatedRecords" API. Please make use of the methods to upload from your Desktop or attach from SkyDesk Docs.

Notes for input of Participants in Events module

When you input Account field after inputting Participants field of an event, the Participants field will be blank. Please input Account field first, then input Participants field.

Notes on playing any movie on SkyDesk Cliq for Android

You cannot play any movies post in any chats on devices with Android 7.0 or later.

Notes for SkyDesk sign in alert

Any alert/notification will not be delivered which you can configured in the Security > Notification tab in the account settings (