SkyDesk Home

SkyDesk Home is your dashboard to the entire suite of SkyDesk applications. It gets you a quick overview of information that is relevant to you and your organization. It also provides orientation and guidance for better utilization of SkyDesk applications to run your business


The Snapshot box provides key data points from the different SkyDesk applications. This included such information as new communications, upcoming events & meetings, tasks due etc. Each Snapshot item links directly to the appropriate view into the corresponding application to take action on the information. You can access more Snapshot items by clicking the numbered navigation links at the bottom of the Snapshot box. The items displayed in the Snapshot can be customized by clicking on the settings icons. This launches a dialog with all available Snapshot items which you can then check to include or un-check to remove from the Snapshot items. You can also drag and drop the items to change their order.


The People box provides a quick means to get in touch with your colleagues and other contacts. By default you will be able to see members in your organization. You can change the view to see members of a particular group or your personal contacts. To see more contacts you can use the navigation links at the bottom or you can do a search. Each contact person in the People box has an online presence indicator before their name. If this indicator is green then the contact is available on SkyDesk Chat. If the indicator is gray you can still leave an offline message to the person, which they will see when they sign into SkyDesk. When you move the mouse over a Contact, you will see a contact pop up which provides more options to communicate with the person including sending an email, starting a Skype call and starting a SkyDesk meeting. You can also open the full contact details for this person to view additional details


The Updates box gives you a live stream of activities happening around you in your organization and groups. Use this box to track status updates from your colleagues. You can additionally send organization wide announcements, which will remain on top of all other feeds.

Status updates and announcements are sent to the entire organization by default. You can also select specific organizational groups (for announcements and status updates) and personal groups (only for status updates) to send the update. Status updates and announcements sent to groups will have the group names displayed along with the message. Clicking on a group name will show you all updates sent to that group. By default only one group is shown and you can click on n more link next to it to see additional groups that this update was sent to.

You will get a notification of all activities pertaining to you such as a document was shared to you, you were assigned to a task, you are invited to a meeting etc. Such activity feeds have direct links to take you to the application.

Just as in the People box you can filter the feeds by selecting a specific group to view activities within that group or you can click on a person's name to see only the feed from that person. You can also do a search to find any matching feed.

You can dismiss any item in this box by clicking the close button near the top right corner.

Getting Started

The Getting Started box provides orientation and guidance to users of SkyDesk to get started with using SkyDesk for their day to day business needs. The Getting Started section provides easy access to the tasks required to configure and customize SkyDesk to your organization's needs. To learn more about a particular item in this section click on the info icon. Click on the item to open the application to perform the actual task. You can customize the items shown in this box by clicking on the Settings icons.

Learn More

You can learn more about SkyDesk and its offerings in this section including help videos, product demos and also follow SkyDesk updates on Twitter and Facebook.


You can find the latest information about promotions, offers and other important messages from SkyDesk in the Messages box. You can also learn about new applications and services launched in SkyDesk in this box