SkyDesk Groups

SkyDesk allows you to create groups, invite people to join that group and carry out group activities like a collaborative project.

Personal Groups

Personal groups can be created by any user of SkyDesk. You can add a Personal group by opening the More menu followed by the Personal Groups menu and then clicking on Settings. You can create, edit and delete your personal groups here. You can invite any user of SkyDesk and even non-SkyDesk users to join your personal group. Non-SkyDesk users will be automatically taken through the sign up process.

Organizational Groups

Organizational groups are special groups created by the organizational administrator and can include only members from that organization. If you are an organization administrator you will be able to create, edit and delete organizational groups and invite users to that group. Other members of that group can still use the dashboard to carry out group related activities.

Group Dashboard

Clicking on any of the groups will take you to the Group dashboard, which shows you the information from SkyDesk applications that are shared with and relevant to that group. You will be able to see the group membership information and an overview of documents that are shared to the group and tasks, links and notes shared with the group. You can then click on the individual application tabs to see more detailed information under each application