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2017 November

System Settings > Smart OCR

Contacts can be confirmed automatically when the contact fields are input by Smart OCR.

2017 October

Contacts Simple Search

Added modification date to search condition at Simple Search.

Export to Contacts CSV

You can set permission to export contacts CSV.

Contacts Detail

You can now edit company elements linked from contact detail page.

Merge Company

When the company integration is executed,
[Company Merge] is recorded in Modification History of the company element.

System Settings > User Settings

The key of "Name/Email" has been added to the user's simple search.
You can list only users whose names or mail addresses contain specified character strings.

2017 September

User Name

You can now set any user name when adding / editing users.

Modification History

When contact integration is executed, the modification history is recorded in the contacts.

Org Tags

You can now create up to 300 org tags.

Merge Contacts

When opening the merge dialog, all the additional information (Card images, Attachement files, Notes, Tags) and relations of the contacts are all selected.

Import Contacts CSV

In the past, we sent mail to the owner specified in the importing dialog,
but have changed it to send to the user who performed the import operation.