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2018 August

Secure Access

You can access only from the specified IP address.
Settings > Security Settings

Mobile device list view

Settings > Mobile Settings > You can now search / sort the list view of your device. When the number of cases is large, you can narrow down the target and display it.

Multiple IP addresses can be set

More than one IP address range can now be specified in Settings> Security Settings.
You can allow access from multiple IP address ranges.

The details are as below:
Information : SkyDesk Cards R Update Information

2018 July

Restore merged contact items

You can now restore old contact items from past images of integrated contacts.
Restore the previous items by setting the past image to "Latest".

Notification > Setting notification item

You can set selected contact items to notify you of changes.
Only items specified for each user will be notified.

2018 March

Contacts Simple Search

Added search function satisfying multiple conditions.

Settings > Usage status > Report

The number of contacts for each user can be output as CSV file.

Auto phone number formatting.

For further details, please refer to the below.
SkyDesk Cards R Update Information