Settings > Users Settings

User List

The organization members are listed in the creation order of SkyDesk accounts.

Add User to your Organization

You can specify the email of SkyDesk Accounts and add an user that not join other Cards R organizations.

  Procedure :

  1. Click [Global Menu] > [Settings]
  2. Click [User Settings] > [+] > [Add to Organization]
  3. Input the email of SkyDesk Accounts
  4. Click [Confirm]
  5. You can change User settings value.
  6. Click [Add]

Accept to Join Organization

When you add a user to your organization, an invitation mail is sent to the user to notify the invitation.
The row of the user in the user list shows the waiting status.
You can resend the invitation mail for the user waiting to accept.

To accept the organization invitation, go the URL in the invitation mail on a web browser.
When the invited user views Cards R before accepting to join, the invitation is shown, and the user can accept or reject to join the organization.

If the invited user rejects to join, the user is removed from the user list.

When adding a user with e-mail string after @ is the same the e-mail of the organization administrator,
(eg at
the user is added to your organization without the verification by the user.

Set Users from File

Edit user

You can modify user information and save.
Only users with roles that can change System Settings can be performed.
Also, you can change [User name] and [Additional information] of the user you are accessing.

  Procedure :

  1. Click [Global Menu] > [Settings]
  2. Click [User Settings] > (Select an user) > [Edit]
  3. You can change User settings value.
  4. Click [Save]
When the email address is modified in the SkyDesk account settings, the old one is displayed in Cards R. You have to [Refetch] in the Edit User.

User settings value

Field Selection Description
User name (Text) This is the user name displayed on Cards R. You can set an free character string.
When [Confirm] is clicked by adding a user, the name of SkyDesk Account settings is displayed as the initial value.
Role Primary Administrator Initially it is assigned to the user who created the organization and only one person in the organization.
To change the privilege of the primary administrator, set another member as the primary administrator.
Administrator It is an administrator user of the organization.
User It is a general user of the organization.
CSV Export Check by role System check whether able to export by the roles set in [System Settings] > [Privilege] > [Organization settings].
By default, [Primary Administrator] and [Administrator] users can export Contacts CSV.
Available The user can export Contacts CSV.
Team (Team Dialog) You can select and configure the team to which the user belongs.
Additional information (Text) You can input information of users in your organization with free text.

Allot Plan

The user without Cards R plan cannot use Cards R.

You cannot allot the plan to the members more than the purchased quantity.
You can allot plans to them after you purchased the plan more.

When a plan is removed from a user, the user cannot use Cards R.
Even if the owner of a contact, the related person of a contact, the creator of a group or the member of a group is removed the plan, the owner, relation, creator and member is not changed.
After allotted the plan to the user again, the user can use Cards R as the same as before the plan removed.

Remove User from Organization

To remove, select users in the user list and execute [Remove].
Even if a user is removed from the Cards R organization, the SkyDesk account of the user is not closed.

If a user is removed from the Cards R organization: