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Access control from mobile device

In the organization enabling access control from mobile device

If you access to Cards R with a mobile device, which is not allowed yet, the guide to apply for the permission is shown.
You can send the application for permission.
The organization administrator approves the permission in the mobile setting page of Cards R for PC.

The approved permission can be disabled temporarily.

The permission is granted to the pair of the device and the user.
In order to use the device permitted to other user, you have to uninstall and re-install the Cards R application on the device.

The mobile access control is only for the SkyDesk Cards R. There is no restriction to use of other SkyDesk services.

Name / EmailThe name / Email who use the device
TypeType of the mobile device (iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android)
Device nameDevice calling name set by the applicant at sending application.
It is used for identify the devices used by one user.
Last access timeDate and time of last connection to the server from the device.
Records mainly auto sign-in time, this does not always shows the strict last access time.
StatusNot approved, Enabled, Disabled

Use the continuous shooting function

User of your organization can continuously shoot multiple business cards and upload.
Images are retained in the application until they have been uploaded.

- The captured images are saved and managed in the application until uploading is completed.
Images saved in the application are not referred to or used from photos or external applications.
- The Android application currently does not support this function.

1. Open Settings > Mobile Settings.
2. Click the [Edit] button and change [Use the continuous shooting function] to [On].
* When changing the [Use the continuous shooting function] from [On] to [Off], images that have not been uploaded in the mobile app are discarded.
You can check the image on the mobile application's [Images to upload] menu.