Importing exported SkyDesk CRM file

* This menu is displayed only when SkyDesk CRM option is set.

You can upload CRM Contacts/Accounts/Vendors CSV files to add/update contacts and companies in Cards R.

Procedure :

  1. Click [Global Menu] > [Settings]
  2. Click [System Settings] > [Maintenance] > [Import CRM exported file]
  3. Drag and drop the csv file to dialog opened.
  4. You can receive the result by e-mail after completion.

Background import process

Files are processed in background after upload.
After registration, users of the same organization cannot register a new background processing until processing is completed.
The completion of background import process is notified to your Email address.



CRM data to be skipped

The following CRM contacts/accounts/vendors in CSV are not processed. Only CRM entries without problems are imported.

The completion notification mail describes skipped lines of the CRM CSV.
You have to import again after removing the duplication in CRM/Cards R. Or you can modify the CRM entry ID in the contact /company details of Cards R.
To know the CRM data to be skipped without updating contact/company data, use [Test Run].

Process related Cards R CRM Settings

The address attribute of CRM contact, which is specified in [Export city/street address to], is set to the [City/Street Address] of Cards R contact.

About CRM CSV File

Cards R can import CSV files exported from CRM Contacts / Accounts/ Vendors.
When CRM fields are added / removed / renamed in customization, remained name-unchanged fields are imported.
First name, last name and Email are required for CRM Contacts CSV to import.
Company name is required for CRM Accounts/Vendors CSV to import.
CRM fields which are not corresponding to Cards R fields are skipped at import.

At importing CRM CSV, the CSV line whose name corresponds to no contact/company in Cards R, a new contact/company is added. Fields of entries created from CRM CSV are summarized in Field Matching between Cards R and CRM.

The number of entries of CRM data export is limited. When total entries exceed the upper limit, report function is available for getting files of lines less than the limit. Cards R can import a CSV file of the header line and CSV lines of multiple files. Please refer CRM Users Guide for detail information.

Restriction notes