Export to SkyDesk CRM

* This menu is displayed only when SkyDesk CRM option is set.

Export Contacts to CRM

Select contacts and execute [CRM Export] in My Contacts/All Contacts/Company Contacts.
A Cards R contact is exported to a CRM contact or a CRM lead. The company linked to the contact in Cards R is exported to an account or a vendor in CRM. The company department is not exported from the contact without company links even if the contact has company information.
You can configure system settings not to export company to CRM accounts/vendors at exporting contact.

For the following contacts, the confirmation and modification are required to proceed the export:

Mandatory fields

The use of CRM Vendors requires the CRM paid plan.

Field Matching between Cards R and CRM

Field Matching between Cards R and CRM describes the details about updated fields of CRM contacts/accounts/vendors at exporting from Cards R.

Export Company Departments to CRM

Select a company in the company list and execute [CRM Export], and the company or the branch is exported to CRM. You can export a company with exporting a contact linking the company.

Exporting a company to CRM creates an entry corresponding to the company.

Duplicate contacts/companies

The different Cards R contacts of the same email address are exported to the different CRM contacts.
The different Cards R companies of the same company name are exported to the different CRM accounts / vendors.


Once you export Cards R contacts/companies to CRM, the added CRM entries are bound to the Cards R entries.
If you re-export the Cards R entries, the bound CRM entries are updated without adding new entries.
You can configure to update or not to update the exported CRM entries when you export the same contacts/companies again.
When re-export option is on, re-exporting Cards R entries updates the exported CRM entries. At this time, the unset fields of the Cards R entries do not update the corresponding fields of the CRM entries.
When re-export option is on, you can create the CRM entries that have been exported from Cards R and have been deleted, again with re-exporting the corresponding entries from Cards R.

CRM Entries bound to Cards R Entries

Because the CRM entries added in CRM are not bound to Cards R, exporting Cards R entries of the same name adds new duplicate CRM entries.
You can do [import exported CRM file] to bind CRM contacts/accounts/vendors added in CRM to Cards R contacts/companies.
Exporting the Cards R entries updates bound CRM entries without adding new CRM entries.
You can see/modify the CRM ID of a bound lead/contact in the contact detail view in Cards R. You can see/modify the CRM ID of a bound account/vendor in the company detail view in Cards R.