Contact List

With the left pane, you can select the type of contacts. The right pane displays contact list.
You can switch to the other function pages with Global Menu on the top right corner.

Left Pane

My ContactsThis view shows all shared/private contacts related to you.
AllThis view shows all [Accessible contacts]. [Accessible contacts] are [accessible shared contacts]*1 and the private/shared contacts related to you.
TeamThis view shows all shared contacts of your team. This includes shared contacts related to you.
CompaniesThis view shows accessible contacts of a company.
GroupsThis view shows contacts by the contact group.
UnconfirmedThis view shows accessible unconfirmed contacts created in OCR.
After a contact confirmed, the contact appears in other views.
In this view, duplication of companies and contacts is detected automatically.
My OrganizationThis view shows all members in your Cards R organization.
Recycle BinThis view shows accessible deleted contacts.

*1 See Team contacts for the details of accessibility when using teams.

Right Pane

The right pane shows the selected contacts.
The information of a contact is displayed in a row.
To sort the contacts, click on the title of each field.
To widen or narrow the width of a field, drag the separator of the field title.
To show the next or previous bunch of contacts, click Next or Previous page. When the page goes to next or previous, the selection of contacts is cleared.
To change the status of the shown contacts or change the number of shown contacts, use display option.
To show the detail of a contact, select the contact and double click it or execute [Detail].

The owner field shows the name of the member.
The owner field is sorted by the order of SkyDesk account creation.

Global Menu

ContactsContact list page
CompaniesCompany list page.
SettingsThis switches to User Settings / System Settings of Cards R.
Account SettingsThis switches to the SkyDesk Account Settings.
Help PageApplication help page of Cards R.
Sign outThis signs out from SkyDesk Account.