Contact List: Other Functions.

Bulk Edit

You can edit the same field of multiple contacts at the same time.

Add Tags

You can set tags for multiple contacts.

Add Contacts to Groups

You can add multiple contacts to a group. It can also be added to multiple groups.

Search duplicate contacts

You can find and merge contacts of the same e-mail or mobile as duplicate contacts.

Add Company from Contact

You can add a new company department using the company information of a contact.
The company information fields of the contact are converted to links.

Export to SkyDesk CRM

You can export contacts to CRM contacts or CRM leads.
The company departments are exported to CRM accounts or CRM vendors.
To export to CRM entries, corresponding CRM functions have to be available.

Export to CSV File

On My Contacts or All, you can export selected contacts or all contacts to a CSV file.
You can filter contacts with the simple search and export them.
Privilege to the organization settings is required to export contacts to file.