Contact List: View Filtering

Simple Search

Only contacts satisfying a search condition are shown.
Start date and/or end date of time period can be specified at Created-on filtering.
Search by owner shows the entries with the entered one.
Search by related-to shows the entries related to the entered one.
Search by Export Status shows the entries exported/exported(updated)/not exported to CRM.


You can put tags to a contact.
You can choose [all selected] or [one of selected] option to filter.
You can choose [tags are added] or [tags are not added] option to filter.
You can choose tags to filter contacts by the tags.
Org Tags are shared among your organization.
Personal tags are available only for the user who created them. Other users cannot see them.

You can use Simple search and tags expect in My Organization.
Simple search and tag display can be executed in combination.

View Options

You can choose shared / private contacts to show in [My Contacts] and [Companies].
You can choose mine / all to show the contacts in [Unconfirmed] and [Recycle Bin].
You can choose valid / disabled contacts to show.
Change of the view options is held for 30 days. The browser cookie holds the configuration.