Contacts List: Exporting CSV

You can output contact information in CSV format from SkyDesk Cards R.
Of the contact types in the left pane, you can output CSV with [My Contact] and [All].

How to output

Click [Display All CSV Output] or [Selection as CSV Output] from [Contact List] - [...].

Field Detail
Export CSV of All Displayed We will output all the contacts applicable to the search condition of the displayed contact list.
If you narrow down the display by tag search or simple search, only the contacts that apply to that condition are output.
Contacts that are not displayed on the current page will also be output to CSV across the page.
Export CSV of Selected CSV of only the contacts that selected the check mark among the displayed contacts will be output.


The following items are output to CSV.

Contact ID, Last Name, First Name, Phonetic Last Name, Phonetic First Name, Job Title, Company Name, Phonetic Company Name, Email ID, Phone, FAX,
Branch, Division, Country, Portal code, State, City/Address, Building name, Department, Mobile, URL,
Portal code2, State2, City2, Street Address2, Building2, Office2, Phone2, FAX2, Creation Date,
Related User, Visiting Date, Contact ID, Modified Date