Edit Contact

Edit Contact Field

You can edit and save the fields of a contact.
You can edit the contact even if you don't own it.

Card Image

You can rotate the card image.
You can update the card image.
Update of an image does not modify the fields of the contact.
The previous front image is stored in the old card images.
The back image is not stored in the old card images at updating back image.
You can store a front image as the old card image.
You can set the saved date and the description to an old font image.
You can swap an old image with the current front image.

Click [Current] or [Old] button to refresh the processing display.

Link to Company

You can link a contact to the company.
You can edit linked company fields. Once edited, all contact fields linked to that company will also be updated at the same time.
To edit those as contact attributes, remove the company link.