Bulk Edit Contacts

You can bulk edit contacts in My Contacts, All Contacts, Company Contacts and Unconfirmed Contacts.

Set Same Attribute

You can set the following attribute:
email, URL, postal code, state, city, street address, building name, shared/private, valid/disabled.
You cannot set URL to contacts linked to companies.
You can change shared/private status of the contact related to you.

Change Owner

You can change the owner.
You can change the owner of contacts owned by you.
If the former owner remains in the [related user] at changing the owner of a contact, the former owner can view the contact in [My Contacts] and view the private contact
To change owner of contacts not owned by you, configure the privilege in the system settings.

Set / Remove Relation

You can set the relation of a member to contacts.
The existing member relation is updated with this operation.
You can remove the relation of a member from contacts.
Use [Change Owner] to remove the relation of an owner from contacts.

Set Status

You can share contacts to your organization or set contacts private.
You can set contacts valid or disabled.
You cannot set shared/private to the contacts without relations

Set Belonging Company Department

You can set the company department to contacts.


If one of the selected contacts fails to update, the all selected contacts will not be updated.