Details of image entries

Settings of image entries

OwnerSet the owner of the creating contact other than you.
Notice that only the owner can view and handle the private contact without relations.
Shared/PrivateSet the creating contact shared or private
Auto RecognitionThe text information of the card is extracted and the fields are entered automatically when [On] is selected.
Language of Card Select the language of the card you are about to upload.
Auto automatically sets the language to one of Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.
This option is enabled only when [Auto Recognition] is [On].
Crop Margin Margin of the card image will be removed.
Background Cleaning Uneven lighting will be fixed and the background of the card will be cleaned.

Automatic means that only camera photos are processed.

Notes of Enter Cards with Cropping

Enter a scanned image of cards placed side by side on a flatbed scanner.
Each card is cropped and entered individually.
Approximately, 200dpi to 400dpi A4 size and 300dpi A3 size are supported.
For accurate cropping, 1cm is required as margin from the edge of the scanning area and as gaps of cards.
Try to put cards as parallel as possible to the scanning area.
Disable background cleaning options of the scanner or put a color paper covering whole cards under the scanner cover.
The supported format are Jpeg, PDF and XDW.