Create Contact

Cards R provides several ways of contact creation.

Add New No Image

You can enter fields of the entry form to create a contact.
You need to enter one of a first name, a last name or an email.

Add New Business Card

You can upload a card image in your PC with a Web browser to create a contact.
The OCR extracts field text to set the contact.
When [Front only] is selected, you can enter multiple files at a time.
The web browser uploads each file sequentially.
Images that can be uploaded are in JPG, PDF, XDW format.
When you close the web browser, all uploading and waiting processes are canceled.

Add with Cropping Cards

Enter a scanned image of cards placed side by side on a flatbed scanner.
Upload the image from your PC,
then each card is cropped individually and each contact is created.
When [Both sides] is selected, you can set the front and back image of a card at one time.
To scan the front and back images, each card should be turned over in the same position.

Create with CSV Data

Upload CSV files of CSV exported from SkyDesk Cards R. i.e. Import from File.
You can add contacts and companies with uploading CSV files exported from SkyDesk CRM Contacts/Accounts/Vendors.
You can upload CSV files at Settings > System Settings > Maintenance.

Create with Mobile Application

With the mobile application, Cards R for iOS or Cards R for Android, you can capture a business card to create a contact.

Caution Restrictions