Upper Limit

The upper limit number and the number of characters that can be stored for each element are as follows.

Contacts in organizationWithout paid plan:5, With paid plan: 100,000. Option purchase raises the limit.
Team2 without team option. 10/100 with purchase of each option.
Card Image320x240 to 3,264x2,448 pixels. Recommended image size: 1024x768 pixels. File size: up to 5M bytes.
Image for upload with crop1,800x1,350 to 5,200x3,900 pixels. Recommended image resolution: 300dpi. File size: up to 5M bytes.
Contacts CSV uploadFile size: up to 50M bytes
Org Tags 300/organization
Personal Tags 30/user
Groups 100/organization
Operation Logs 50,000 lines / 1 download
Card Images100/Contact. *total of current image and old images.
Note of Contacts30/Contact, 1,000 letters/Note
Attachments of Contacts 30/Contact, 80 letters for name, 80 letters for description. File size: up to 5M bytes
Relations of Contacts 200/Contact, 80 letters for comment.
Field of Contact/Company 250 letters for email, company, phonetic company, belong to, branch, division, URL, city/street address
Field of Contact/Company100 letters for fields except above fields
Tag Name, Team Name
Group Name,
Group Description
100 letters