Upper Limit

The upper limit number and the number of characters that can be stored for each element are as follows.

Contacts in organizationThe upper limit of plan and option.
Team2 without team option. 10/100 with purchase of each option.
Card Image320 x 240 to 3,264 x 2,448 pixels. Recommended image size: 1,024 x 768 pixels. File size: up to 5MB.
Image for upload with crop1,800 x 1,350 to 5,200 x 3,900 pixels. Recommended image resolution: 300dpi. File size: up to 5MB.
Contacts CSV uploadFile size: up to 50MB.
Org Tags 300/organization
Personal Tags 30/user
Groups 100/organization
Operation Logs 50,000 lines / 1 download
IP Address pairs 30/organization
Card Images100/Contact. *total of current image and old images.
Note of Contacts30/Contact, 1,000 letters/Note
Attachments of Contacts 30/Contact, 80 letters for name, 80 letters for description. File size: up to 5MB
Relations of Contacts 200/Contact, 80 letters for comment.
Field of Contact/Company 250 letters for email, company, phonetic company, belong to, branch, division, URL, city/street address
Field of Contact/Company100 letters for fields except above fields
Tag Name, Team Name
Group Name,
Group Description
100 letters