Getting Started

SkyDesk Cards R is an online application service for contact management.
You can upload a card image to create a contact with extracting text information automatically.
You can create a company department to link the contact.
The [Relation] shows a connection between your customer and your members.

The primary administrator of the organization creates the Cards R organization.
The member of Cards R organization can share contacts.
The paid plan is required to use with more than 2 persons.

Here is an overview.

Create Contacts

You can upload a business card image to create a contact.
You can also enter fields on the entry form to create a contact.

Contact List

You can view the list of the contacts.
The information of a contact is displayed in a row.

Create Company Departments

You can enter fields of the entry form to create a company.
You can create company department entries from company information of contacts.

Company List

You can view the list of the companies.

Contact Detail

You can view the details of the selected contact.
You can edit the fields.
You can view and edit notes, attachments and relations of the contact.