Where tweets meet tickets.

SkyDesk Support integrates the most popular social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter, with your traditional customer support channels. You can now respond to your calls, mails, tweets, and posts from the same interface.

Provide support from a central spot.

Social media has the ability to alter a brand's reputation and bottom line, and businesses often have to juggle between their social media accounts to stay in the loop. With SkyDesk Support, put an end to the struggle of keeping up. Respond to customers' tweets and posts under the Social tab by switching between Facebook and Twitter views.

Be the first one to know.

Get notified when you receive a flurry of tweets matching the escalation keyword(s) that you specify. SkyDesk Support will alert you when you receive an unusual number of tickets within a short period of time.

Route tickets to their right destination.

Have you set up multiple departments? Provide keyword(s) for each of them so that customer conversations matching these words can be routed to the right department as tickets.

Think beyond 140 characters.

Don't let 140 characters determine the way you provide customer support. Convert your Twitter and Facebook conversations into tickets. Start off with a tweet or post and take it to traditional customer service channels, like email or phone. The entire conversation will be tracked as a single ticket for your convenience.