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Setting up Live Chat using SkyDesk SalesIQ

Setting up Live Chat using SkyDesk SalesIQ

Open an immediate line of communication between your support team and your customers by adding the power of live chat to SkyDesk Support. It enables your agents to have real-time conversations with your customers to serve them more quickly, and to build a human connection that can be harder to do via email. Your customers can initiate a chat from their Help Center or, if you allow it, even from your business website. You can also streamline your live chat follow-up process by creating support tickets from chat interactions.

  • The chat channel is available for customers on the Enterprise plan.

Key Features
Here are some of the key features and benefits you get:
  • Automatic conversion of chats to tickets (configurable in SkyDesk SalesIQ)
  • Access to all the features of a chat widget whenever there is an update from SkyDesk SalesIQ.
  • Additional features like FAQs on the chat window, conversation view, IP blocking, and making an audio call.

Powered by SkyDesk SalesIQ
SkyDesk SalesIQ powers the chat channel in SkyDesk Support. This means you can customize the appearance of your chat embeds, and other chat specific settings in SkyDesk SalesIQ by accessing the account. Whether you are an existing or a new customer to SkyDesk SalesIQ, you can enable chat channel in SkyDesk Support with just a few easy steps.

Getting Started
Before you can embrace the power of chat support you need to link your SkyDesk Support account with your SkyDesk SalesIQ account. If you don’t yet have a SkyDesk SalesIQ account, we will be automatically creating one that is linked to the SkyDesk Support portal. Since SkyDesk SalesIQ powers the chat channel, the SkyDesk SalesIQ account linked to SkyDesk Support provides free access to most of the SalesIQ features. The features available under this exclusive plan are given below:

SkyDesk SalesIQ Features
No of operators
Equivalent to chat agents in SkyDesk Support
Chat volume
Conversation search
Chat History
Unlimited Days
Number of Websites (embeds)
Customize embeds and chat window
Monitor live chats
IP block spammers or harassers
Chat from email signature
Set concurrent chat limit

  • If you are in the free plan of SkyDesk SalesIQ, you could link it to SkyDesk Support to access these features.
  • Some of the enterprise-grade features like screen sharing, remote access, visitor tracking, visitor routing, and chat routing are not available.
  • You may purchase licenses in SkyDesk SalesIQ to access other plan specific features.

New to SkyDesk SalesIQ
If you're new to SkyDesk SalesIQ, we will be automatically creating a SkyDesk SalesIQ portal (i.e., account) on enabling the chat channel in SkyDesk Support. This account gets linked to the SkyDesk Support user whose credentials made the request. Follow the instructions below to enable chat as a new SkyDesk SalesIQ user.
  1. Click the Setup icon (  ) in the top bar.
  2. In the Setup Landing page, click Chat under Channels.
  3. In the Chat Settings page, click Enable Chat.
    A SkyDesk SalesIQ account will be created with the Portal Name of your SkyDesk Support. Also, its default embed is automatically linked here.

  • You can also go to Setup >> Departments >> [Select Department]  >> Channels >> Chat to enable the chat channel.

Existing SkyDesk SalesIQ Customers
If you're an existing customer, you have to select the SkyDesk SalesIQ portal to enable chat. Follow the instructions below to do this.
  1. Click the Setup icon (  ) in the top bar.
  2. In the Setup Landing page, click Chat under Channels.
  3. In the Chat Settings page, click Enable Chat.
  4. Select the SkyDesk SalesIQ portal from the drop-down list, which will be linked to the SkyDesk Support account.
  5. Click Continue.

Setting up Live Chat
Once you enable live chat, you must select the embed, add departments and associate agents in your SkyDesk Support. Please continue with the following steps to do so:
  1. Select an embed from the drop-down menu called Name.
    For new SkyDesk SalesIQ users, the default embed is pre-selected.
  2. Copy the code snippet for the embed chosen in Step 1.
    Paste this code into your website's source file for your customers to chat with agents from there.
  3. By default, the chat widget will be added to your Help Center.
    You may uncheck the "
    Include live chat in Help Center" option to disallow chats from the Help Center.
  4. From the moment you enable chat, your live chat operation is staffed with one user and administrator—you. You can choose to enable live chat for other departments and add chat agents to them. To do so:
    • Select the departments from the drop-down menu.
      You can choose 
      All Public Departments to add chat channel for all public departments quickly.
    • Click the Plus icon (  ) corresponding to a department, to add chat agents to it.
      You can search for agents based on their name. Also, click All Agents to add all agents in the department quickly.
  5. And, voila! Live chat will be ready for use.

Points to Remember
  • You must add at least one agent to enable live chat in a department.
  • An agent can be added to the live chat channel in more than one department.
  • Chat can be enabled only for public departments in SkyDesk Support (i.e., those visible in the Help Center).
  • Enabling Include live Chat in Help Center option will automatically add the chat service in your Help Center without requiring you to embed any script.
  • You can select just one embed at a time for all unbranded departments.
  • Any customization of embeds or chat window must be done in SkyDesk SalesIQ.
    You can click the
    Advanced Settings button on the chat settings page to open SkyDesk SalesIQ on a separate tab.
  • Since SkyDesk SalesIQ powers the chat channel, chat visitors rate agents' performances by stars, on a scale of one (poor) to five (excellent) stars. These numerical ratings are then converted into Happiness Ratings on tickets as listed below:
    • 1 - 2: Bad
    • 3: Okay
    • 4 - 5: Good

Disabling Live Chat
If you are convinced that live chat is not for your business, you can disable the same in SkyDesk Support. When you disable, the chat widget will be removed from your Help Center.

To disable live chat:
  1. Click the Setup icon (  ) in the top bar.
  2. In the Setup Landing page, click Chat under Channels.
  3. In the Chat Settings page, click the toggle at the top of the page to disable chat.
  4. Click Disable to confirm your action.
The chat channel will be disabled in your SkyDesk Support. Please note that the chat widget gets removed from your Help Center and your agents cannot answer customer chats from inside SkyDesk Support. Also, your SkyDesk SalesIQ subscription will be moved to the Free plan automatically.