The Multi-Brand Help Center

Your customers are happier when they can find answers without having to wait for them. The Help Center makes your team more productive by answering questions before customers contact support.

Every brand gets its own space.

Distinguish the identity of your brands by providing each brand its own Help Center. Change how your Help Center looks, and give your customers different service channels, SLAs, notifications and Knowledge Base Articles for each brand you support.

Portal Customization

Customize your portal to mimic the look and feel of your website using HTML and CSS.

Secure Access

Decide who can access your Help Center by allowing public access or by requiring visitors to set up accounts.

Domain Mapping

Make your Help Center an extension of your brand by mapping it to your own domain.

Integration with Google Analytics

Observe your customers' self-service behaviours and engagement levels.

A Knowledge Base that's searchable.

Create Knowledge Base Articles to answer your customers' frequently asked questions. Use the Knowledge Base to save your team the work of responding to simple questions, so you'll have more time to help customers with tricky problems.

SEO Friendly

Make your support page easy for search engines to locate, with meta titles, keywords and descriptions.

Article Rating

Support lets customers rate your Knowledge Base articles so you can find where you need to improve.

Offer personalized interaction.

For questions that need personal attention, customers can submit tickets from the Help Center. They can also track their tickets' statuses or respond to your team's comments from the same interface.