Add-ons and Integrations

SkyDesk Support offers a number of add-ons and integrations to help you expand the capabilities of your help desk. You can set up telephony, hook your help desk up with SMS alerts, keep your contacts up to date, and more, with these integrations.

SkyDesk Apps

  • Integrate your SkyDesk Support and SkyDesk CRM accounts, for seamless coordination between sales and customer service teams. Read More

  • Add bugs for support tickets from within SkyDesk Support, by integrating with SkyDesk Projects. Read More

  • Write scripts in SkyDesk Creator to obtain records from and update records in SkyDesk Support. Read More

  • Instantly convert chat conversations with visitors from SkyDesk SalesIQ into tickets in SkyDesk Support. Read More

Telephony Partners

  • Integrate with Twilio and put an entire call center inside your help desk. Read More

Other Apps

  • SkyDesk Support enables you to notify your customers and support representatives using text messages (SMS). Read More