Say yes to more context.

Here's how SkyDesk Support helps you focus on the customer.

Context-aware responses for agents.

If you're Tony Stark, this makes you Iron Man.

Organize Contextualize Respond Collaborate

Focus on tickets that need your attention right away. Everything else can wait. No, really! Learn more

Put a face to every ticket. Understand a customer's history of interactions and respond with more clarity. Learn more

Compose a response, include solution articles with one click, update a field, ask for approval. Do all this and more from a single screen.

Tag colleagues in tickets, ask questions, give answers, and collaborate like never before. Across the world is just across the desk. Learn more

Context-aware decisions for managers.

Improve what you measure. Measure what you improve.

Monitor and Act Analyze and Improve Automate Extend

See the complete picture in a single window. Track all your key metrics for quick and agile decision making. Learn more

Understand the root causes of bottlenecks and other issues. Improve steadily with every ticket. Learn more

Save time and effort by creating rules to automate repetitive actions. Invest in better customer engagement instead. Learn more

Use native integrations, custom functions, and APIs to extend your already powerful customer service software. Learn more

Context-aware solutions for customers.

Need help? Meet the Help Center.

Self-serve Connect

Create a Knowledge Base to help customers find answers quickly, on their own. Learn more

Give customers the gift of convenience. Help them across email, phone, chat, social media and more. Learn more