The easiest way to manage Instagram for your business.

Monitor, measure and collaborate. Create end-to-end visual marketing campaigns on Instagram with SkyDesk Social.

Understand what works for you on Instagram.

Is it photos or videos that get more engagement from your audience? What was the reach for your posts? Who commented on or liked your content? Find answers to these questions with Instagram on SkyDesk Social.

Multiple Instagram accounts? Add them all as separate Brands, and switch between them. Easy peasy.

Monitor keywords and engage with your audience.

Hashtags are the best way to find new people and content on Instagram. It could be an industry term, your competitors, or just a keyword that’s buzzing on a given day — track them all on the same screen.

Follow updates from people who have engaged with your brand in the past. Like or comment on their posts, and sort them based on engagement or recency.

Analyze performance and create reports.

Keep track of your followers, likes and comments. For the data geek in you, SkyDesk Social offers interesting reports like best times to publish, what type of content resonates best with your audience, and who are the key Connections that engage with you the most.

Create custom reports based on what matters the most for your business. Schedule automatic delivery of your reports, or save them as PDF.

Collaborate with your team.

Working as a team? Add team members, and let them manage your Instagram account. Discuss published posts, reports and connections in the Collaborate tab.