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What's New in SkyDesk Reports

Trail on SkyDesk Reports feature and service evolution.

December 28, 2018

New settings to customize Interactions in Dashboards


As part of SkyDesk Reports 4.0 release, we are introducing a new set of options to customize the interactions in Dashboards. You can customize the following:

  • Enable or disable drill down option for all charts in dashboard.
  • Enable or disable view underlying data option for all reports in the dashboard
  • Provide sort option for all grid views such as Table, Pivot etc., in the dashboard
  • Enable or disable the Show/Hide Columns option for all tabular views such as Table, 
  • Enable or disable the contextual options menu, when you hover over each report in the dashboard.

These options are available only in the new 4.0 interface, which is currently in beta. More exciting dashboard enhancements are awaiting in the SkyDesk Reports 4.0 release.  Stay tuned...

New Advanced Summarizing Functions for Pivot Table

SkyDesk Reports now supports the following advanced summarizing functions in Pivot Table to enhance the analytical ability.


  • % of Row in Group  - Displays the data in each cell as a percentage of the total value, of each row within a group. 
  • % of Column in Group - Displays the data in each cell as a percentage of the total value, of each column within a group. 
  • Lookup Value - Displays the data in each cell by fetching value from any of Previous/Next/First/Last cell, based on the Base Field selected.

Click here to learn more about the advanced summary function for pivot.

Cool Preset Themes for Dashboards

SkyDesk Reports now introduces a set of six cool preset themes for Dashboards. These elegant preset themes applies specific colors for every element in the Dashboard with single click. Previous Dashboard themes were single color based. 

Customizing themes has also been enhanced now. The entire dialog has been revamped. A new magic band option, to auto suggest matching colors for all elements based on the selected Dashboard background color, has also been added. This allows you to quickly setup a custom theme for your dashboard.

Learn More.

Share Selective Columns from your Tables

SkyDesk Reports now allows sharing selective columns from your data table to your users. 

So far when you share a table all the columns will be shared to the user. Now you can choose columns to be shared. This enables you to control what data your users get to see and create reports upon. This will particularly helpful in case you have sensitive data in your table.

Click here to know how to share selective columns

Merging User Filters

SkyDesk Reports now allows you to merge multiple user filters (Text Column) into a single a filter. The below animation shows merging User Filters.

Merging User Filters is pretty useful when you have a dashboard with reports created over similar columns from different tables.

So far, the Dashboard User Filters are bound to a specific column in a table and will only filter the reports based on them. 

Now, this can be overridden. You can map similar columns into a single User Filter to filter all reports using the Merged User Filter. This avoids the tedious process of adding multiple User Filter and filtering the dashboard back and forth.

Only user filters which are based on Text column types (categorical columns) can be merged. 

Click here to know how to use the Merging User Filters option.

Configure Lookup Path

SkyDesk Reports now allows you to customize the join path to be used for a report. 

You might have joined multiple tables using various Lookup columns in your Workspace. When creating reports,  SkyDesk Reports will use the appropriate Lookup column (Lookup path) created between them and generate the report using the auto join capability.

However, in some cases this might not suit your specific need. To address this, SkyDesk Reports allows you to choose the appropriate Lookup path between tables to be used for report creation using the Configure Lookup Path option. 

To know more on this refer, to the Customise Lookup path section. 

Revamped Share and Formula Dialog interface

We have completely changed the User Interface of the share and formula dialogs for an enhanced user experience. 

Share Dialog

The new Share dialog allows you to quickly share any view as well as customize the necessary settings. For more details refer to the Sharing Views to Users section. 

Formula Dialog

The new Formula dialog allows you to construct the formulas quickly by providing a wider editor space and easy access to insert functions and column. It also provides a powerful search option to search across the functions and columns available. For more details refer to the Adding Formula section. 

Important Terminology Change

We are doing an important terminology change in SkyDesk Reports today. 

Workspace renamed as Workspace 
From now onWorkspacewill be renamed as Workspace. You can learn more about Workspaces here

Workspace Owner renamed as Workspace Administrators 
The role, Workspace Owner (DB Owners) has been changed to Workspace Administrator. With this change, the user roles in SkyDesk Reports will be referred as follow. 

  • Workspace Owner will be referred as Workspace Administrator.
  • Admin will be referred as Account Administrator.

To learn more on user roles in SkyDesk Reports, refer here

Note: This is just a terminology change and will not affect any of the existing functionality. 

If you have any questions please write to us at

Enhancements in Exporting 

Exporting in SkyDesk Reports has been enhanced with the following options.

Exporting into SkyDesk Sheet

Now SkyDesk Reports supports exporting Tables, Query Tables, Chart, Pivot Table and Summary View into SkyDesk Sheet

For Chart, Pivot Table and Summary View you can either choose to export the underlying data or the summarised data of the current view into your SkyDesk Sheet account. 

Exporting Personal Data

SkyDesk Reports takes additional care in handling your personal data. From now on, columns marked as personal will be excluded from export by default. This avoids accidentally sharing the personal data with others. However, you can choose to export them by explicitly selecting them. 

Emailing Reports - Configurable From Address to handle DMARC 

Until now, the reports that you mail from SkyDesk Reports will be sent to the specified users from your email address. 

In case your receiver has set up DMARC for mail sender validation, then these emails might be blocked or sent to spam. To avoid this, you can choose to mail the reports directly from SkyDesk Reports common mail address ( You can select this in the From field on Email Setting page. 

Enhancement for Dashboard User Filters

Now User Filters in the Dashboard will be anchored as you scroll.

So far the User Filters will be available in the place you have added them in the Dashboard. When you scroll down the Dashboard the User Filters will be hidden. 

Now they will be retained till the end of the Dashboard while scrolling. This allows you to quickly access the User Filter when required.

Support to Pick Location for Geo Data

From now, SkyDesk Reports provides a Location picker to resolve the locations which are not identified due to mistakes in the data. 

Previously you need to provide the Latitude and Longitude of the location to identify the location for Geo data. 

From now you can easily pick the location using in the Location Picker map. This also provides a field to search the location in the map.  Click here to learn more on this. 


October 12, 2018

SkyDesk Reports Release 4.0 Beta

We are delighted to announce the new SkyDesk Reports Release 4.0 Beta. Your favorite SkyDesk Reports now comes with a fresh new-look and exciting features. 

The new SkyDesk Reports 4.0 includes the following features:

Dashboards in Single Click
The UI has been completely revamped focusing on easy navigation. Now you can access any dashboard in a single click using the Preview Cards.

Easy Navigation
The main navigational elements are made bolder and bigger now. The analytics elements are organized into three categories (Dashboards, Reports & Data) for easy accessibility. 


Geo Map Charts *
A new and very useful chart type - geo map chart - is now available. It allows you to plot location data on geo  chart. Learn More.

Dark Themed Dashboards *
Other than light themes, dashboards now come with six cool dark themes. You can also customize the themes to fit your look & feel needs. Learn More.

Colored KPI Widgets *
KPI widgets need not only be white anymore. You can now set solid background colors. When combined with a dark themed layout, this gives your dashboards a more appealing look. Learn More.

Those are just some of the major changes done in Release 4.0 Beta. As you use the product to visually analyze your data, you will come across a lot more features.


Not just that, more new exciting features are in development which will be rolled out as part of Release 4.0 public release. Stay tuned...

To access the New SkyDesk Reports 4.0, login to your SkyDesk Reports account at, click the Try 4.0 button at the top right. You'll get switched to the 4.0 version (This will not be enabled for trial users. You can avail this once the trial period ends).

Please do give SkyDesk Reports 4.0 Beta a try and let us know what you think. Post them to Looking forward to your valuable feedback....

* - Some of the features were already enabled in the existing UI. 

Split Column Option for Data Preparation

Do you have a concatenated values in your columns which you want to split for making better sense of your data and analytics? A simple example is splitting a customer name column as a first name and last name. The new Split Column option helps you do this exactly. 

The Split Column option allows you to split the value in a column into multiple columns based on a separator. This can be applied over the columns with data type Text, Multi-line Text, Email and URL. The split columns will be created as Formula columns with string data type. 

To learn how to split a column refer here


Importing from MS Access Workspace using Import Wizard

Now you can import data from the MS Access workspace files you have stored in Local Drives, Web URLs, FTP servers or Cloud Drives right from the Import Wizard in SkyDesk Reports user interface. Previously MS Access workspace files can be imported only using the Upload Tool.

You can choose ‌a Single table, Multiple tables or write a custom SQL query to fetch the data for importing. You can schedule the import in periodic intervals if the Access workspace files are stored in a Web URL or FTP server or Cloud Drives. You can also choose to sync data instantly from your workspace in a few clicks. 

To learn how to import data from MS Access workspace files, refer here.

Importing from Secured Web URL with OAuth authentication

So far you can import data from authenticated Web URLs which supports only basic authentication system. Now, this has been enhanced to support import data from Web URLs using OAuth 1 and OAuth 2 authentication system.

Click here to learn more on this. 

Supporting Dynamic Parameter in Web URL Import

With this update, you can set dynamic values for the parameter while importing data from Web URLs. You can specify Current Date, Current Time and Current Date & Time as a dynamic value for the parameter of the import URL. 

Learn how to set dynamic value for import parameter from here.

New Options in Importing from Email Attachment

SkyDesk Reports now provides the following new options for Importing from Email attachment:

  • How do you want to Import? - This allows you to specify how to import data on subsequent data import.
  • On Import Errors - ‌This allows you to specify how to handle errors condition in case it occurs while importing data. 
  • First Row Contains Column Name - This allows you to specify whether the first row contains column header or not, in the email attachment. 

Learn more on these options from here.

Multi-date Format Support in Imports

Now SkyDesk Reports supports importing data with multiple date formats. 

Previously, when your data has date columns in different date format, then the column with the first date format alone will be identified as a date while importing. The rest of the columns will be imported as text columns.

Now SkyDesk Reports will identify multiple date columns with their corresponding date formats. You can also choose to modify the identified date format for each column using the Change Date Format option in preview menu. 

To learn how to configure multiple date format while importing, refer here.

New Enhancements in Dashboards

Dark Themes:

We are excited to introduce 6 Dark themes that will enhance the look and feel of your dashboards. Not just visual appeal, these themes have been designed to increase usability and break monotony on repeated access. 

You can customize all the elements in the dashboard theme right from background color to picking report colors specific to the dashboard. This enables you to design a theme that not only captures your organization's branding but also add a character/theme to your reports.

These dark themed layouts are in addition to the existing 6 light themed dashboards. You can quickly check out the theme types using the radio button in the Dashboard Themes dialog.


Click here to learn more.

KPI Widget Themes:

From now on, you can apply themes/background colors for both single numbered and chart type widgets. This new feature further enhance the appearance of widgets in dashboard.

Click to learn more.

Secure your Private URLs and Exported Files with Password 

In this update, we have introduced password protection for exported files and privately embedded views or URLs for enhanced Data security on export and private URLs.

Password Protection for Exported Files

You can choose to protect the exported data from unauthorized access using password protection. 

Click here to learn more.

Password protection for Privately Embedded Views and URLs

You can protect your private URLs (without Login) with password. ‌This way you will be able to restrict the access only through password.


Click here to learn more.

June 20, 2018

New Formatting options for Charts and KPI Widgets

SkyDesk Reports now provides flexible formatting options to format all the elements in charts and KPI Widgets.


You can now format all the data elements used in creating a chart. Earlier, SkyDesk Reports allowed you to only format the columns dropped in Y-axis shelf.  With this new update, you can customize the formatting for all the columns that are used in creating the report.

Click to learn more.

KPI Widgets:

We have added an option to format the 'Group by' column used in creating a KPI widget. With this update, SkyDesk Reports allows you to format all the components of a KPI Widget.

Click to learn more.

New options in Advanced Summary Functions 

The widely used Advanced Summary functions in Pivots has become even more powerful with the new set of functions.

Following are the new options that are provided in the Advanced Summary Function:

  • Running Total - Until now when you select a Running Total function, you can only compute Sum. From now on you can apply functions like Average, Minimum and Maximum in addition to Sum.
  • Difference From - Displays the data value as the difference from the value in the previous cell, based on the base field provided. You can choose to compare the difference from either of Previous Value, Next Value, First Value or Last Value. Previous Value will be selected by default.
  • % of Difference From - Displays each data value as a percentage of difference from the previous value (or the specified value). You can choose to compare the % difference from either of Previous Value, Next Value, First Value or Last Value. Previous Value will be selected by default.

Click to learn more.

Mar 30, 2018

Support for Median and Mode Function

You can now apply Median and Mode function over your columns while creating reports. 

To apply this, 

  • Drag and drop the column into the reports designer
  • Select Median or Mode function from the drop down as shown in the snapshot

Import Data from Multiple Excel Sheets in a Single Click

SkyDesk Reports now allows you to import all the data from your Excel workbook in one go. Earlier, users were allowed to select only one sheet at a time while importing data from an Excel workbook.

From now on, when importing an Excel workbook, you can select multiple sheets at a time to be imported into SkyDesk Reports (in Step 2 of the Import Wizard). Each sheet will be stored as an individual table in the workspace.

Click to learn more.

Unified Data Sources page to manage all your Data Imports

SkyDesk Reports has enhanced the Data Sources page to easily view and manage all the import data sources setup in a workspace. Earlier this feature listed only the advanced analytics connectors in the workspace. From now on this page will contain details of all the Import Sources in the workspace.

You can access this page by clicking the Data Sources button in the Explorer tab of the workspace. 


You can view and manage the data sources from this page by selecting them.

Click to learn more.

Track Resource Usage and Manage Users of a Workspace 

SkyDesk Reports allows you to keep a track of the resources that are used at the workspace level. This feature enables you to monitor and manage the resources used for that particular workspace.

You can view these details by clicking Settings > Resource Usage.

You can perform operations such as adding, deleting and deactivating a user from the workspace. Click the Users tab to perform these operations.

Click to learn more.  

Option to Schedule Email on the Last Day of the Month

With this update, you can set schedules to email reports on the last day of the month. Earlier if you had to email a report on the last day of the month, you will either have to select 30 or 31.

Now, you can select the option Last day under the Repeat By section. This will automatically send emails on the last day of the month.

Show Total As

In Pivot Tables, by default, the summary function used to display the subtotals will be the same as that of the summary function applied on the corresponding data column. With this update you can customize this and apply any other summary functions such as sum, average, min and max on the sub-total and grand total that is displayed.

SkyDesk Creator Advanced Analytics

We at SkyDesk Reports are extremely thrilled to announce the general availability of the much awaited SkyDesk Creator Advanced Analytics Integration. 

SkyDesk Reports Advanced Analytics Add-on for SkyDesk Creator enables you to easily slice & dice your application data and create insightful reports & dashboards. Users can embed reports and dashboards within your SkyDesk Creator apps.

Empower your creator applications with deeper analytical capabilities from SkyDesk Reports. This integration is available in all the paid plans of SkyDesk Reports.

Click to learn more.

Feb 14, 2018

Introducing Dynamic Threshold feature for Charts 

We at SkyDesk Reports are happy to announce the Dynamic Threshold feature. Until now, users could only set a static (constant) value as threshold. With this update, users can apply dynamic functions (value) such as Sum, Avg, Minimum, Maximum over the column in the reference axis or over a different column.

Users can now set the Scope of the threshold to the entire chart or set the threshold value for each data point (cell).

Apart from this, we have also added a new threshold line styles under the formatting option. 

Click to learn more.

Applying Grid Themes at Workspace level 

As part of this release, we have released the Grid themes feature which allows you to customize the look and feel of your Pivot, Summary and Tabular views. This feature enables you to apply colorful and attractive themes over your grid-based views.

To set Grid Themes:

  • Open the corresponding workspace.
  • Click the Settings option at the top right corner.
  • In the Workspace Settings tab that opens, click Grid Themes.

Click to learn more.

Changes in the User Filters interface

We have completely changed the User Interface of the User Filters dialog to enhance the experience. The New UI will allow you to quickly apply the necessary customizations.

Support for Importing OData feeds

SkyDesk Reports now extends support to import data from  OData feeds. Users can import their data into SkyDesk Reports by providing the URL of their OData feed.

Click to learn more.

Shortened Embed/Permalink URL

The Embed/Permalink URL generated for reports and dashboards using the Publishing option has been shortened such that you can easily share them across channels. 

Please do note that the previously generated URL's will continue to work without any glitches.

SkyDesk Support Advanced Analytics

We at SkyDesk Reports are happy to announce the general availability of SkyDesk Support Advanced Analytics integration.  This connector enables SkyDesk Support users to easily analyze their help desk data and track their key help desk metrics. 

The SkyDesk Support Advanced Analytics connector comes bundled with over 75+ domain specific default reports & dashboards such as agents' performance, customer analytics, deadline complience, satisfaction rating, and much more. You can also create your own insightful reports & dashboards for in depth analysis.  

Not just that, if you are a user of SkyDesk CRM and SkyDesk Support, you can combine data from both the domains for cross functional reporting and analysis.

Click to learn more about SkyDesk Support Advanced Analytics.

SkyDesk Reports moves from User based Model to Organization Model

SkyDesk Reports now allows you to manage your account and collaborate with your colleagues and users with a segregated workspace called Organization. The administrator of the organization is allowed to control the permissions, add/delete the users in his organization and manage the subscription of his organization account.

Until now SkyDesk Reports has been following a User Based Model where each user will be allocated an individual workspace. From now on, the members of an organization can collaborate and use a shared workspace.

Click to learn more about organizations.

New: Notifications Corner in  SkyDesk Reports

The Notifications feed in your SkyDesk Reports account will notify you instantly on any new activities in your account. This will also enable you to access the relevant information from the notifications feed itself. You can access the notifications feed by clicking the Notifications icon in the top right corner of your SkyDesk Reports account.

Click here to learn more.

New Customization options in Dashboard Themes

1. Dashboard Themes now allows you to customize the Font style and color of the title and description of individual reports embedded in a dashboard. 

To use this option, open your dashboard.

  • Click the Themes button.
  • Select the appropriate theme and click Customize.
  • In the Dashboard Themes dialog that opens, you can customize the font style, size and color for the title and description. 

2. Henceforth when you create a new dashboard by default the Border Theme will be applied. This is to enhance the look and feel of the dashboards. You can change this setting by using the Themes button in the Dashboard toolbar.

Announcing New Charts Visualizations. #MoreVariety - #MoreColors - #MoreImmersive - #MoreModern


We at SkyDesk Reports are extremely happy to announce the general availability of the brand new version of our charts visualizations. Our new charts brings in more variety, more pleasing & cool color schemes, offers more immersive experience and is built on a more modern technology stack.

#MoreVariety: We have now added several new chart types such as Bubble, Packed Bubble, Dial and Bullet to our library, making it more than 30+ charts visualizations to pick from...

#MoreColors: Pickup from a wide range of color palettes and customize your charts & pivots to make them look cool & trendy. You can also create your own custom palettes.
Refer: Color Palettes | Pivot Themes

#MoreImmersive: Indulge into an immersive & exploratory experience with dynamic drill-downs, sleek filters, faster loading, pleasing animations and much more...

#MoreModern: New chart visualizations have been built ground-up using the latest web technologies such as HTML 5, Javascript, CSS & SVG making it cooler, faster and lighter.

Try the new charts visualizations and let us know what you think about it. We would love to hear your feedback.

Improvements in the Lookup Column Feature

We are rolling out a few enhancements to the lookup column feature to further enhance its usability. 

Specify data type for lookup column: Users can now change the datatype of the lookup column. Until now, the child column will share the data type of the parent column. With this update, you can set a specific data type for the child column. You can change the data type of the lookup column using the Edit Design option in the table.

Support for Default and Mandatory Values: You can now specify Default and Mandatory values for a lookup column. You can do this using the Edit Design option in the table.

Lookup column over a looked up column: You can now make a looked up column (in the parent table) to also be a lookup column referring to another table (grandparent). This feature was not supported until now.

Behavior change - Action on deleting values in a lookup column: From now on when you create a lookup column, by default no action will be taken on the child column upon deleting the values in the corresponding parent column. 

Until now SkyDesk Reports provided options to delete the values in the child column when you delete the values in the corresponding parent column. This option has been removed with this update as it was found to be less frequently used and had high performance overhead. For users who have already been using this option, we will continue to support it. However, we would like to emphasize on the fact that "Delete the corresponding values in the child column" option will not be supported for the new lookup columns that you create henceforth.

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