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What's New in SkyDesk Reports

Trail on SkyDesk Reports feature and service evolution.

Nov 13, 2017

Beta Release: SkyDesk Support Advanced Analytics Add-on

We at SkyDesk Reports are happy to announce the availability of SkyDesk Support Advanced Analytics (Beta). This add-on enables SkyDesk Support users to easily analyze their help desk data and keep track of their key help desk metrics. 

The SkyDesk Support Advanced Analytics connector comes bundled with over 75+ domain specific default reports & dashboards such as agents' performance, ticket inflow, satisfaction rating, and much more. Apart from this, you can also create insightful reports & dashboards for indepth analysis.

  • The SkyDesk Support advanced analytics add-on is currently in public beta testing. Therefore, you may encounter certain functional bugs and limitations.
  • This add-on is currently enabled only for customers in the paid plan (Standard and above).

You can quickly review the default reports and dashboards from the SkyDesk Support Sample Workspace.

Click to learn more.

View Underlying Data Enhancement for Related Tables

So far when you create a report using multiple tables, you will be able to view the underlying data of the tables separately. SkyDesk Reports has now enhanced this feature in such a way that when you access the View Underlying Data option, the data from all the related tables will be joined and displayed as a single table. This will be of great use to those who wish to view the joined data in a single shot. 

Before this update:

The below screenshot highlights how the data tables used to be listed separately in the View Underlying Data. You need to select each of the table seperately to view the underlying data of that table.

After this update:

By default the View Underlying Data displays the data from the base table joined with the columns from the related table. You can also access the tables individually to view the underlying data.

In the below screenshot the Employee and Related tables (ie.. the Employee and the Department table) is selected by default. If you wish to view the data pertaining to the Department table alone, you can do so by selecting Department from the View Data from dropdown.

While sharing the report you can select the columns that you wish to display under "View Underlying Data" option. Refer Sharing and Collaboration to learn more.

In the user interface, you can also choose to Show/Hide the columns as you wish using the Show/Hide icon as highlighted below.

Click here to learn more about the View Underlying data feature.

Homepage - Import Options in a Single Page

The new SkyDesk Reports homepage layout will allow you to easily spot all the import options in a single page. Until now, users had to navigate across pages to check out the available import options. 

We request you to check out our new layout and share your feedback.

Send Email - Option to Append Email Sent Time

You can now choose to display the exact time when the report was generated in the subject line of the email while emailing reports and dashboards. To use this feature select the option "Append email sent time in subject" in the Email Settings window.

Renamed Custom Formula to Formula Column

We have renamed the option Custom Formula to Formula Column. The Formula column option adds a new column to your data table, whose values are derived based on the calculation/formula defined. You can define any powerful mathematical formula by invoking Add > FormulaColumn from the table.

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New Packed Bubble Chart type for SkyDesk Reports

The Packed Bubble chart type is used to display data in a cluster of circles or bubbles. They are used to display the values disregarding the axes. The difference between a normal bubble chart and a packed bubble is that the latter is tightly packed rather than spread over a grid. You can use a packed bubble chart to visualize large amount of data in a small space.

Please do note that, this chart type is available only as a part of the New Charts feature which is currently in Beta.

Enhanced Chart chooser dialog for Dashboards and Embedded views

We have now revamped our Chart Chooser option for dashboards and Embedded Views. Our new intuitive and smooth Chart Chooser option will help previewing the chart types available and switch between them real fast.

New Edit view option in Explorer

You can now easily edit your reports and dashboards by invoking the Edit option in the contextual menu of the corresponding view in the Explorer. This will directly open the view in the Edit mode real fast, thereby saving few clicks.

  • Please do note that this option is not available for tables.

Support to Export upto 3 million cells in Excel file format

You can now export table like views (Pivot, Summary, Tabular View, Tables & Query Tables) with up to 3 million data cells as Excel files. Until now, it was possible only to export up to 1 million cells.

New option to Setup SkyDesk CRM Analytics from SkyDesk Reports

You can now setup the SkyDesk CRM Advanced Analytics Add-on from within the SkyDesk Reports interface itself. Till now, this was possible only from the SkyDesk CRM interface. This feature provides a much easier option for the SkyDesk Reports users to setup and manage the integration from within SkyDesk Reports.

Watch the below presentation to learn about setting up the SkyDesk CRM Advanced Analytics Add-on from SkyDesk Reports.

June 21, 2017

Variable Support for Groups

SkyDesk Reports has now enhanced the Variable feature which was introduced recently to setup groups. You can now create variables and map the values to groups. If you have created groups for sharing and collaboration, you can map variable values to them.

To map a variable to a group

  • Click the Add User/Group option in the Create New Variable page and select My Groups.

Click to know more.

Subtle Changes in the Home page Interface

We have made the following changes in the SkyDesk Reports home page.

1. The Create Workspace option has been renamed as Import Your Data to reflect the first step any user would perform upon logging into SkyDesk Reports. You can continue importing your data from a wide variety of sources using this option as you used to with the create workspace option.

2. The search bar in the SkyDesk Reports homepage has been made much faster. The search now suggests the workspace names as you type in making it extremely responsive.

Week Settings at Workspace Level

You can now update the week settings such as start day of the week, week format and week mode at the workspace level. All the reports in the workspace will use this week setting subsequently.

To set this,

  • Login to SkyDesk Reports
  • Open the corresponding workspace
  • Click Settings > General


  • This function will not be available if you have switched to the new charting library. We are working on it and will be released soon.

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