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What's New in SkyDesk Reports

Trail on SkyDesk Reports feature and service evolution.

Dec 8, 2016

Enhancements in User Filters

In continuation with our updates on the user filter feature (Timeline Filter), we have once again come up with a list of enhancements to increase its usability.

In this update the following features have been supported:

1. Highlighting applied filters: This feature automatically highlights the user filter that has been applied on your report/dashboard with a subtle green color. This helps you quickly identify the filter that has been applied. 

2. Filter Level Reset: You can now reset a particular user filter that has been applied. To reset individual filters, click the Reset link available on the top of the corresponding filter.

3. Excluding Dashboard Filters: You can now choose to exclude a particular report in a dashboard if you do not want the user filter to be applied on it.

To exclude a report,

  • Click the Options icon of the report in the dashboard designer
  • Select Exclude Dashboard Filters.

4. Default Value in Timeline Filter: You can now set a default value for the timeline filter too.

To set a value as default,

  • Click the Edit icon on your timeline filter 
  • In the Selected Values list click the Star icon that appears on mouse over to mark the value as default.

5. Timeline Date Column mapping: You can now map a date column to be used for a timeline filter at a report level.

  • Click the Options icon of  the report in the dashboard designer 
  • Select the date column from the Mapping Timeline Filter drop-down.

Support to Set 'Column Width Ratio' while Exporting as PDF 

SkyDesk Reports now provides you with options to set the column width ratio while exporting any tabulated report (Pivots, Tabular View and Summary View) as a PDF. You can choose to either export the report with

  • Equal width for all columns
  • Proportionate width as in the report

Introducing Variables Feature in SkyDesk Reports

SkyDesk Reports has introduced a new feature called Variables. Variables are placeholders that helps workspace administrators/owners to assign dynamic values for individual users of the workspace

You can use these variables as a part of the Sharing filter criteria to filter reports dynamically based on the user who has logged in. You can currently use variables in Sharing Filter criteria. We plan to support variables in features such as user filters, formulas etc. very soon. 

You can create and manage variables from the Variables tab in the Settings page. Click here to know more.

Support for Bubble Charts

We have introduced a new "Bubble Chart" type into  SkyDesk Reports charting library. Bubble charts can be really useful if you want to visualize your data highlighting the magnitude/weightage of a data point with sizing. You can use a bubble chart wherever a Scatter plot is used, with scatters points being replaced by bubbles. The size of the bubble will be determined by the data column dropped in the new Size shelf of the Chart designer.

Note:  This chart type is available only in the "New Charts" library  which was released for public beta testing recently 

Sep 15, 2016

Beta Announcement

We are glad to announce the availability of two important features for public beta testing. As these features are in beta, we would love our users to try and share their valuable feedback.  You can share your feedback by clicking the Feedback link inside SkyDesk Reports.

Visually Beautiful Charts:

We have completely revamped our charting library. Our new charts have been built using the latest client technologies such as HTML 5, Javascript, CSS & SVG. It is visually appealing, fast, light and offers a wide range of customization options. Not to miss we are adding a whole variety of new chart types too...

You can try the new charts (beta) by clicking Try New Charts link present in the top right corner of SkyDesk Reports. 

Coming Soon in General Release: New chart types, New KPI widgets, New set of customization options and much more...

Chart Chooser Dialog Revamped

In continuation of the above, we have now revamped our Chart Chooser dialog. Our new intuitive and smooth Chart Chooser dialog will help previewing the chart types available and switch between them real fast (with lesser clicks).

This dialog can be invoked using the Other Charts option in the toolbar. Try out and post your feedback!!


  • Please do note that as these features are currently in beta testing and hence they are subject to behavioral change. 

Enhanced Formula Editor with Suggestions

SkyDesk Reports formula editor has been enhanced to support features such as keyword highlights, suggestions, error messages etc.

In this update the following features have been supported:

  • Suggestion: Provides you the possible autofill suggestions as you type in the formula. 
  • Keyword Highlight: Highlights the keywords in the formula for better readability and understanding of the formulas.
  • Warning/Error: Displays intuitive warning or error message in the case of any inaccuracy or error in the formulas.

Click to learn about creating formula columns.

FTP Import Support in SkyDesk Reports

SkyDesk Reports now supports data imports from your FTP and SFTP servers. This will be extremely beneficial for users who store their data on these servers. SkyDesk Reports also allows you to periodically schedule importing of data from your local/remote servers. With this, you can have the latest data synced into SkyDesk Reports.

Click here to learn about importing data from a FTP server into SkyDesk Reports.

Timeline Filter for Dashboards

SkyDesk Reports has introduced a new type of user filter named Timeline FilterThis feature allows you to create a common Date/Period user filters that can be applied on all reports in the dashboard. This user filter is different from the other filters, as it is not tightly bound to any (date) column in a table.

With this timeline filter you will be able to setup a common Date/Period user filter independent of the tables on which the reports have been created.When you use the timeline filter in a dashboard, SkyDesk Reports will apply the criteria on all reports, matching it with the best possible date column associated with the report. By default, if the report has a date column, it will filter using it. The matching date columns can also be customized. Since this is a common period filter, you can setup only one timeline filter in a dashboard

Click to know more.

New Settings Page for Workspaces

SkyDesk Reports has now introduced a new settings page that is specific for each workspace. You will be able to manage your workspace preferences from this settings page. With this option, you will be able to configure a wide range of features such as starting day of the week, starting of a financial year, data backup and so on.

To access the settings page, click the Settings button in the Explorer tab of the corresponding workspace.

Refer to this help documentation to know about the available options.

Jun 30, 2016

Support to Auto Identify Look-up Columns

SkyDesk Reports allows you to blend/join data across multiple tables using a special feature called Auto-Join. This feature is enabled when you associate tables through a common look-up column. 

SkyDesk Reports has now made the process of defining the look up easier. We now support auto identification of columns that can be joined with your existing tables in the same workspace at the time of import. It just needs review and confirmation. Click here to know how.


Support for Email Schedules with Default User Filter

SkyDesk Reports now allows you to set email schedules by applying the associated default user filter on the reports that are mailed. To apply this feature, select Apply Default User Filter in the Email as: Settings dialog.

Enhancements in Conditional Formatting 

Conditional Formatting in Pivots and Summary Views offers enhanced features like adding/formatting text and icons to highlight your condition in addition to the earlier formatting capabilities. Click to know more.

Wrapping Column Headers in Pivots and Summary Views

SkyDesk Reports now allows you wrap lengthy column headers in Pivots and Summary Views. You can use this feature by clicking the Settings button in the toolbar and selecting Wrap Text in Column Headers.

Use 'Look-up' Fields in Formula columns

SkyDesk Reports now supports 'Look-up' fields in formula columns. Previously, it was not possible to use formulas on a lookup field. You can refer to the Defining lookup section in this help documentation to learn about creating a lookup.


  • This functionality will be applicable only if the lookup column has been created with the delete criteria set as No Action on this (child) table.

You can use the lookup field to create both custom and aggregate formulas. Refer to the topic 'Adding Formulas' to learn about creating a formula column.

Full Join Support for Query Tables

SkyDesk Reports now supports full join for query tables. The FULL JOIN combines the results of both left and right outer joins.

The joined table will contain all records from both the tables and will fill in 'null' in the case of missing values.

Custom Field Support in SkyDesk Projects Advanced Analytics Add-on

You can now include the custom fields available in your SkyDesk Projects portal in the reports that you create in the advanced analytics add-on. These custom fields will be automatically fetched upon the next schedule. Refer SkyDesk Projects: Advanced Analytics add-on to know more.

Introducing API Usage Metrics and Pricing 

SkyDesk Reports now introduces a daily API usage limit in accordance with your pricing plan. SkyDesk Reports API usage will be measured based on units consumed and the frequency of API calls. The API usage limit is capped to your pricing plan. You can refer to the below table to know the API usage limit for your plan.

Plan API Units per Day
Free 1,000 units
Standard 10,000 units
Professional 25,000 units
Professional Plus 50,000 units
Enterprise 100,000 units

You can also purchase API units as add-ons. To know more about the usage limit or how it is calculated, refer to this help documentation.

To purchase API units as add-ons, mail to for SkyDesk Reports.


  • This is applicable only for users who sign-up for SkyDesk Reports, starting today. We will be gradually moving the existing users into this new API usage plan.

Campaign Module Support For SkyDesk CRM

SkyDesk Reports now supports the following modules in SkyDesk CRM:

  • Campaign
  • Campaign Lead Status

 Existing users can include these modules using the Edit Setup option.

Refer to "SkyDesk Reports Advanced Analytics Add-on for SkyDesk CRM" help documentation to know more about the default fields and formulas that will get synchronized for these modules on setup.

Pivot Enhancements

Display Missing Value Option

SkyDesk Reports now supports the Show Missing Values feature for Pivots too. Recently, this feature was introduced in charts. This allows you to view the in-between missing values in your data. This can be applied on a Date or a Category column.

So far when you create a pivot with a date or category column, if a particular category does not have any value, then the Pivot would skip displaying that data. With this new option you can choose to display the record which does not contain a value. 

You can apply this function for the columns in both "Rows" and "Columns" shelves. You can also enforce hierarchy on the selected columns. Click to know more.

10 Fold Increase in Rows Limit in Free Plan !!

SkyDesk Reports now offers 100,000 rows limit to all Free plan users. This is 10x increase from the current limit of 10,000 rows. Existing free plan users can avail this by visiting the Subscription page and following the directions from there on to upgrade their account.

Microsoft Edge Browser Support

In addition to Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, we now support Microsoft Edge browser.

KPI Widget Enhancement

Customizing "Null Value" Display:

SkyDesk Reports now provides an option to customize the display of unknown values in your widget. You can now customize both the label as well as the value for displaying null values.

Schedule E-mails in your own Time Zone

SkyDesk Reports now offers support to schedule emails in your preferred time zone. Previously only Greenwich Mean Time(GMT) was supported.

To schedule an email :

  • Open the report/dashboard and click Email>Email this View. 
  • In the Email as : Settings window that opens, you can set your schedule preferences.

Mar. 31, 2016

Enhancements in Advanced Analytics for SkyDesk CRM

Language Support for SkyDesk CRM Column Names

From now on, if you change the language in SkyDesk CRM, the column names in SkyDesk Reports will automatically get updated after the next synchronization.

Module Rename Handling

From now on, if you rename a module name in SkyDesk CRM it will be automatically renamed in SkyDesk Reports too.

Previously, to get the renaming into SkyDesk Reports you need to re-sync the setup. This step is not required anymore.

Alert on fields removal

Now SkyDesk Reports will alert you when removing fields from the integration setup of SkyDesk CRM. The alert will also display the dependent views/reports that will get deleted on removing the fields. This will help you in deciding whether to delete the fields or to retain them.

Support for Inventory Modules in Advanced Analytics for SkyDesk CRM

Advanced Analytics Add-on for SkyDesk CRM now supports analytics on inventory modules data. With this, you can configure to synchronize data from the following inventory modules into SkyDesk Reports workspace while setting up the add-on.

  • Invoices
  • Invoice Line Items
  • Price Books
  • Products
  • Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Order Line Items
  • Quotes
  • Quote Lines Items
  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Order Line Items
  • Vendors

Existing users can synchronize the newly supported modules by editing & saving the setup again. You can edit the setup either from SkyDesk CRM or SkyDesk Reports. You can choose to include or exclude the line items (for quotes, invoice, sales order and purchase order) using the Include (module name) Line Items Fields  checkbox in. For more details on how to edit setup, refer here .

Support to Edit Advanced Analytics for SkyDesk CRM Setup from within SkyDesk Reports

Now you can edit Advanced Analytics setup from within SkyDesk Reports too. To edit setup clickCRM Analytics > Edit CRM Setup from theExplorer tab of the SkyDesk CRM Advanced Analytics workspace.

Handy Options in Report Designer

Now SkyDesk Reports provides options to expand, sort and filter the fields list in the reports designer. This will be really handy to choose the fields that you want to use while creating the reports.

This menu appears when you mouse over the fields list on the left while you are creating the reports. With this new option you will be able to perform the following action.

  • Expand or collapse the tables.
  • Sort the tables in ascending or descending order.
  • Sort the fields by name or by data type in ascending or descending order.
  • Filter the fields by datatype.

These option will be available in reports designer. This will also be available in dashboard user filters and KPI widget filters.

Show Involved Columns Option in Reports Designer

We have now additionally implemented an option to Show Involved ColumnsThis will be useful to quickly list only the data fields used in creating a particular report.

Share your Feedback with a Screenshot

We now allow you to take a screenshot of the issue you are facing and attach it, while sharing your valuable feedback to the SkyDesk Reports team. This will help us serve you better. To use this feature click on  Feedback  link in the top right corner and select   Capture Screen.

You can click to capture the entire screen or drag to select a section of the screen. With this feature you will be able to

  • Zoom-in or Zoom out
  • Highlight a particular section
  • Blackout a section

Support to Export/Email Multiple Reports in a HTML Format

SkyDesk Reports now supports exporting/emailing multiple reports in a HTML file format. So far these features were only available for a single report.

Now you can export or email multiple views as a single zipped HTML file by clicking   Export -> Export Multiple Views -> As HTML (ZIP).

So far this multiple export feature was supported for PDF file format.

Enhancements in Dashboard

SkyDesk Reports Dashboard has been enhanced with the following feature.


SkyDesk Reports now allows you to apply a range of visually appealing themes over your dashboard. By default SkyDesk Reports provides six theme layout, which can also be customized as needed. 

You can choose the required theme by clicking the Themes toolbar option in the Dashboard. You can customize any theme by clicking the Customize option displayed when you mouse over the themes listed.

The new themes support  will definitely make your dashboards look really appealing. You will find  it more handy  in case of embedding as you can customize the dashboard to suit  your website or application look & feel.


KPI Widget Color Customization

Now SkyDesk Reports allows you to customize  the display color  of the Primary value of the widget, when the value is lesser than zero or greater than or equal to zero.

Handy Contextual Options for Reports

SkyDesk Reports now provides a set of handy contextual options for reports embedded in Dashboard. With these new options that appears on mouse over, you will be able to perform the following operations.

  • Change chart type
  • View underlying data
  • Export the view
  • Open the view in new tab

The options will appear to a dashboard viewer/user based on ther permissions granted by the author of the dashboard.

Conditional Formatting for Pivot Table and Summary View

SkyDesk Reports now provides Conditional Formatting support for Pivot Table and Summary View. This enables in visually highlight data points in your pivot & summary views, thereby enabling to do better and easy analysis.


To know how to apply conditional formatting over your Pivot, refer here .

Enhancements in Query Table Editor Interface: 

We are introducing a new feature rich query table editor in this update. The salient features of our new query table editor are as follows.

  • Syntax highlighter support.
  • Syntax Assist to construct your query.  Pressing  'Control  + Spacebar' in the editor would prompt a list of possible SQL syntaxes that could be used in the query.
  • Line Number support.

Add Description for Aggregate/Custom Formula:

You can now add descriptions for your Aggregate or Custom formulae. These will be pretty useful to add contextual notes about the formula you create.

Support to Auto Format Units of a Numeric Column

Now SkyDesk Reports provides an option to auto format the unit value as thousand (K), million (M) and billion (B) based on the data in the corresponding column.

Recently , SkyDesk Reports introduced formatting the numeric columns values with thousands (K) or millions (M) or billion (B) unit notations.

Now with this 'Auto' option, SkyDesk Reports auto detects the data in each record and formats the unit accordingly. This allows the flexiblity of setting the right unit based on the actual value in each row, instead of fixing only particular unit always.

Charts Enhancements

Display Missing Values

Now SkyDesk Reports provides a new option to include the tick label for the data point, which does not have any value. This is available for both the date and the category columns.

So far when you plot a chart with a date or category column, if a particular data point does not have any value, then the chart would skip this from the plotting it in the axis. With this new option you can choose to even display the point which does not contain a corresponding value in your chart.

For example if you are plotting a chart for sales across years. If the year 2013 does not have any data, then it will be skipped in the previous version. Now you can choose to display this.

This feature will be pretty useful to visualize the complete trend considering all data points.

Charts Look and Feel

SkyDesk Reports has enhanced the Charts look and feel by fine tuning the color effects. Now it sports a more trendy and light look & feel.

Enhanced Upload Tool - Upto 4 times faster

The new version of Upload Tool supports executing multiple workspace queries in parallel, thus enabling quicker data uploads from your local workspaces. This version of upload tool can handle data uploads up to4 times faster than the previous versions.

The previous versions of Upload Tool will execute the workspace queries configured inworkspace_sql_queries.xml one at a time, pulling data from your local workspace and uploading the same into SkyDesk Reports. In the new version the tool smartly identifies dependencies between the queries configured and looks at parallelizing the execution.

The tool considers the following cases as dependent queries:

    • Queries trying to upload data into the parent table and the child table.
    • Queries that are trying to upload data into the same table.

For the above mentioned cases, queries will be executed sequentially one after the other based on dependency . In all other cases, where there are no dependencies, query execution will be done in parallel, thus enabling faster data uploads.

You can download the latest version of the Upload Tool fromhere .

Multiple Groups Support for Sharing & Collaboration

SkyDesk Reports now allows you to create multiple groups to share & collaborate easily in a workspace.  You can group a set of users based on functional roles/needs to create a group. Within this group you could easily share data, reports and dashboards to enable easy collaboration.
Till now there was a limitation to have only one group in a workspace, which has now been removed.

Email Reports and Views as In-line Mail

SkyDesk Reports now allows you to E-mail reports as a in-line mail content. So far reports can be mailed only as an attachment. Now they can be sent as part of the mail content, which will be very easy for users to view them.

Support for New Formulas

With this update the following formulas have been supported in Formula Columns.

  • Created Time - The function returns the created time of a record/row in the table.
  • Table Data Modified Time - The functions returns the last data modified time of the table. Data modification includes any of import,  add, update and delete rows action.

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