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What's New in SkyDesk Reports

Trail on SkyDesk Reports feature and service evolution.

Nov 28, 2014


Editable User Filter

So far in User filters multiple values could be selected only from the drop-down box. But now, you can also enter the values separated by commas in the highlighted field. Values are case-sensitive and should exactly match the phrase. 

This feature is enabled only with 'Multi-select box component' in user filters.


Multi table support in Aggregate Formula

So far, aggregate formula could be created with columns only from a single table. But now, you can create an aggregate formula by combining columns from any number of related tables. This will further help you to derive more powerful business metrics in SkyDesk Reports. 

Support to Select a Range of Filter Values

Now SkyDesk Reports allows you to select or unselect a range of filter values using the Shift and click. This will reduce the tedious work of selecting the individual filter values and allows you to select multiple values together. This option is available forFilters andUser Filters with Actual Values.



Setting on how to display Null/Empty values in reports

SkyDesk Reports now provides an option to specify how to display null/empty values in your reports.

So far in Charts, Pivot Table and Summary Views, when there is a null or empty value in the underlying data, it will be displayed as Unknown or No Value. Now you can specify the value to be displayed in the report for these data points.  This option will be available as part of the Settings section. 


Enhancement in User Filters Component Option

Now SkyDesk Reports provides an option to choose between a single select or a multi select drop down list for displaying date related values. Until now date user filter values for Actual, Relative and Seasonal period can be listed only in a multi select drop down list. Now you have the option to choose between single or multi select list box as required.


Enhancement for Advanced Analytics Add-on for SkyDesk CRM

Advanced Analytics Add-on for SkyDesk CRM now supports analysing your Potential Stage History. You can avail this by selecting the Include Potential Stage History fields  checkbox when you setup the Advanced Analytics Add-on. The Potential Stage History data will be added as a new table in SkyDesk Reports workspace. 

You will also get insightful default reports and dashboard for your Potential Stage History such as Momentum of a Winning Deal, Momentum of a Winning Deal vs Lost Deal, Stage Duration for a Winning Deal and Stage Duration for each potential. 

You can slice and dice your stage history data by creating your own reports over the Potential Stage History  table. 


Support to Import XML Format

SkyDesk Reports now supports importing data from  one more important file format, the XML. You can do this by setting the File Type  as XML  and then upload the XML data  in the Import Wizard.

Sept 24, 2014

Support to Auto Refresh Published and Embedded Views

SkyDesk Reports now provides an auto refresh option for the view that you embed or share as Permalink. Now you can set your views to automatically refresh at every N seconds to show latest data.

This will especially be useful when you project your reports and dashboards in various devices (including TV screens), where you want to display the current data without any manual intervention. 


Enhancement in Charts Custom Sort Option

Now SkyDesk Reports provides delete option in Charts custom sort dialog to remove the values that are no longer available in the underlying data.

Aug 27, 2014

SkyDesk Reports API

Now SkyDesk Reports offers a comprehensive HTTP based Web API using which developers could add, update, delete and query/fetch data in the workspace created in SkyDesk Reports. Using these APIs users could push or pull data from/to SkyDesk Reports from within their own forms, application etc., This would effectively enable SkyDesk Reports to be a convenient workspace in the Cloud for your applications.

To know more about how to use SkyDesk Reports API, refer to theSkyDesk Reports API Guide

July 23, 2014

Enhancements in Advanced Analytics Add-on for SkyDesk Projects

Advanced Analytics Add-on for SkyDesk Projects now provides the following new options.
  • Import New Projects Automatically - Selecting this option will add data from any new projects that you create in SkyDesk Projects automatically into SkyDesk Reports workspace without any manual intervention. With this you need not edit the synchronization setup each time you add new projects to sync them for reporting purpose.
  • Retain Archived Projects -  Selecting this option will retain the data from old projects that you have archived in SkyDesk Projects in SkyDesk Reports. With this option data from your archived projects will continue to be available in the workspace for your analysis & reporting.

Support to Block E-mailing Reports with No Data
SkyDesk Reports now provides an option to stop sending the reports if there is no data for the corresponding report. This is available when emailing individual Table, Query Table, Charts, Pivot Table, Summary View and Tabular View.

With this feature, you can ensure that the E-mail will be sent only when report has data. For example, you have created a report to get the pending tasks from last week and schedule to send this to the sales persons every week. When there is no pending task, the report will not be sent for that week alone.

Support to Export Column Description
Now SkyDesk Reports allows you to export the column description when exporting to an Excel files (both XLS and XLSX format). By choosing this option the column description will be exported as a comment for the column header in the exported Excel file.

June 27, 2014

Support to Publish with Filter Criteria

SkyDesk Reports now supports Filter Criteria option while publishing the views. With this feature, you can apply a filter criteria to display the filtered data in your embedded view or published Permalink as needed.


Support to Share Folder

Now SkyDesk Reports provides an option to share the views in a folder. This will reduce the tedious work of selecting the views from the entire views list available in that workspace, when you share them.  


June 2, 2014

Support to view Row Count in Workspaces

SkyDesk Reports now displays the number of rows used in each of your workspaces. You could view this from the Subscription page, in the Manage Users tab and View by Workspaces. This will be beneficial in managing your plan usage & upgrades proactively. 


Enable Reporting for NoSQL Workspaces

SkyDesk Reports now enables you to analyze your data stored in NoSQL workspaces. You can connect and upload data from the following workspaces using Upload Tool and apply advanced reporting options in SkyDesk Reports over your data. 

  • MongoDB
  • Apache Cassandra
  • Apache Hadoop Hive
  • Cloudera Hadoop Hive
  • Hortonworks Hadoop Hive

To know how to upload data from your NoSQL workspaces, refer to the help section here

We have also tested connecting the following relational workspaces using Upload Tool through JDBC driver to enable data upload for reporting. 

  • Teradata
  • Informix
  • HP Vertica
  • Ingres
  • Greenplum
  • SQL Anywhere
  • Derby
  • H2
  • Cache
  • Progress Openedge
  • Cubrid
  • Mimer SQL
  • Mckoi

To know how to upload data from your Relational workspaces, refer to thehelp section here

Amazon RDS

Similarly, you can now connect to workspaces hosted in Amazon RDS and upload the same into SkyDesk Reports to enable reporting over the same. To know how to upload data from your workspace in Amazon RDS, refer to the help section here

Enhancement for Pie and Funnel charts

The following enhancements are available in the Pie and the Funnel Charts.

Multi Y Support

SkyDesk Reports now offers Multi Y Axes support.  With this you will be able to compare data from multiple columns in Pie and Funnel.

Customize Data Label

Now you will be able to set whether to display the percent or value as data label over the corresponding section. You could also choose to remove data label.This is available in the Settings  option.


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